Garden and some other stuff

As the temperatures are going down, and the thought of them going up is getting harder to comprehend. I am struck by  how beautiful the world is.  While it has been breathtakingly cold the past few days we have had gorgeous sun.

Last week I was planning on making a tomato cage or two and a cold frame. Unfortunately, neither project was completed.  Well, there is always this week, right?  Last week I was distracted by the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand. The story of Louie Zamperini, and  I ended up finishing it before almost anything else I was supposed to get done. I would encourage you to pick this up from your local library, it is a wonderful way to put off something else.  Truly, though it is a powerful story, and a book that should be read by everyone.

The cold weather not only encouraged my reclusive reading, but thoughts of warmer weather.  I was reading my copy of Crockett’s Victory Garden by James Underwood Crockett, and he suggested starting peas in mid-March.  His gardens and greenhouse where in Massachusetts, I thought he must be kidding, but he is also in the Northeast.  Last year we could have planted in mid-March, but I find it hard to think of planting peas in seven or eight weeks.  I hope can, because fresh vegetables will be a welcome sight and taste.  I am curious when are you planning on starting your earliest crops?

I have also been trying to devise a way of using my current inventory of materials to build a couple of vertical trellises for my peas and cucumbers.  I was thinking about building a trellises from scratch.  After looking at my inventory I realized I could not build what I had envisioned.  What I think I will end up using is a few pallets.  A friend gave me several pallets that have wide gaps between the boards. Had it been warmer I would have confirmed my plans.  I think these pallets will work well.  They have a good solid structure, and it will not be difficult to brace to stay vertical.  I am excited about this idea.  I have friends who give me pallets and often they are not good to use for pulling apart. Tomorrow it will be in the 30’s so I will get outside to the shed and take a look, and a picture.

Picture Update:


This is the type of pallet I plan on using as a vertical trellis



Stay warm.


One thought on “Garden and some other stuff

  1. I’ll have to check out that book, looks good. Been looking for something new to read. Also, if you ever make it to Maine with your truck, I have some pallets I can give from The Root Cellar. We always have lots of them leftover from big food shipments!

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