Wicked Beefy Tomato Cage (Pardon the Mainer Accent)

Editor’s Note:  If you are looking for information regarding tomato cages I recommend you check out this link.  It describes the “Florida Weave” which I think is a better tomato trellising method.

I spent most of the afternoon wrapping up my tomato cage prototype. I wanted to build a cage that was more substantial than th poor wire cages I used last year. In an effort to be sustainable, this entire project was completed with hand tools. Completing this project with hand tools took much longer compared to if I used power tools. However, I definitely feel a greater sense of accomplishment and got my arms workout.

I used a marking gauge to measure what I wanted to cut off. If you use hand saws and have not used a marking gauge you are missing out.  Using a marking gauge makes it easier to keep the saw in the line you want.

The marking gauge – creating a small cut for the hand saw to follow.

Then using a Rip Saw I trimmed the legs.  I did not really need to do this, but I wanted the legs to look “right.”

My Rip Saw – rip saws have a different tooth pattern and shape compared to a crosscut/multi-use saw

Then I cut approximately a 45 degree angle at the bottom of the four legs so they go into the ground easier.

The legs with the angle cut

I cut the stringers (the boards between the legs) 20 inches long.  I drilled pilot holes with a hand drill. The pilot holes help prevent to wood from splitting.  Then I used wood screws and drilled them in with a hand brace.  I would have used outdoor or galvanized screws, but I did not have them on hand.

The Hand Drill is on the left and the Brace is on the right.

After putting the sides together I started to complete the box.

The sides put together
Completing the box or putting the sides together
Three sides completed.

I ran out of screws so I have not been able to complete the fourth side.  This is a very beefy tomato cage.  I find the second time around the work goes faster.  I also think I will use some thing shorter than 20 inch wide I used on this one.  I am looking for any feedback on my design.

I am sure many of you were affected by the difficult weather this past week.  Here in Upstate New York we did not receive as much snow as others.  The best part has been the warmer temperatures.   The  snow and ice have been melting off the driveway and roads.  We had recent highs of 32+ and are expecting high 30’s tomorrow.  I think I can start to sense Spring is on its way.

Stay warm.


One thought on “Wicked Beefy Tomato Cage (Pardon the Mainer Accent)

  1. your cages will be awesome and very strong! they should last you for years…spring is making itself eveident..went out early am yesterday and so many birds were chirping…it sounded awesome! snow is starting to melt more and then evaporate, even tho its still pretty deep! Toboggan races this week end so keep checking Village Soup!!!

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