In the Ground

Yesterday was a big day.  My friend Dylan and I planted most my crops for next year.

My friend Dylan helping put soil into the packs.

Last year I commandeered the kitchen table for my seedlings.  However, the kitchen table has a couple of problems. The first problem is the sun.  The kitchen faces south but I regularly had rotate to plants. Also, it does not get a full day’s sun. Second, the kitchen gets a lot of people traffic and the seed packs were easily abused.  The third problem was we were not able to eat on kitchen table.

This year I have a fluorescent light set up in the basement.  It is connected to a timer set to be on for 16 hours a day.  I also have a small ceramic heater running to keep everyone warm.

Fluorescent light and heater set up

Dylan and I planted the seeds and labeled everything.  This was also a lesson learned from last year.  Last year I labelled on the clear plastic top. As time went a long and I moved the plants around and I ended up having to wait for everything to grow  to know what they were.  I planted two types of tomatoes and tomatillos and had to wait until they produced fruit before I actually knew what they were.

It may look confusing but everything really is clearly labeled

Dylan and I planted: Salsa Tomatoes, Beefsteak Tomatoes,  Jelly Bean Tomatoes, Purple Tomatillos, Green Tomatillos, Pickling Cucumbers, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, and Dill

We were able to get almost all the seeds under the plastic canopies

Dylan and I worked for about two hours to get everything done well.  Dylan also learned a lot about the seeds we were planting.  He was a great helper.  We also cut some plywood that will be used to build to base of a cold frame, a post that will be coming up soon.

Dylan after we had completed planting and get everything set up

The weather is still not giving any specific indication about when I will be able to get out into the soil.  I do know it will not be long.  It is good to see and feel the sun setting later in the day. I hope you are getting as excited as I am to put seed and plants into the ground.

Stay warm.


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