Travels, Dreams, and Spring

First, thank you for reading my posts.  This past week the Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm blog has been viewed 350 times.  Thank you again.

Last week I travelled to Maine to visit with my family.  My brother works for The Root Cellar, a neighborhood outreach in Portland, Me.  He is planning a using gardens to help teach neighborhood kids about healthy eating, vegetables, and growing food.  It was really fun dreaming and talking about his garden plans.  I am looking forward to hearing about all that takes place this coming summer.

Two weeks have quickly past and the seedlings are growing well.  I am surprised at how well some of the older seeds are growing. So far I am happy to see how they are all doing.  Only one pepper variety has not come up yet, but peppers can take a little more time compared to tomatoes.

Peppers are in the front and tomatoes are in the back of this photo

Coming home, from my trip to Maine, and seeing many of the plants coming up was very exciting.

The light is just out of the picture, and the heater is in the back

When I put this set up together I was not sure if it would work.  All the plants are doing well now so if I make any changes it will be next Spring.

Tomatoes are on their way

With another foot of snow on the ground it is hard to believe that I will be working the ground again soon.  Spring is in the air, though, with one sunny day like today the snow melts very quickly.

Stay warm.


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