Rain, Water, Rain, and More Water


The Cohocton River at a Route 86 Overpass

One week ago I was driving home into over a foot of snow.  Today, it is all but gone.  Here along the Cohocton we are dealing with lots of rain and snow melt.  Over the past few days it is not uncommon to see the fire department pumping out basements. Conversations in the neighborhood mostly revolve around the central question of “Is your basement dry?” or “How much water. The Cohocton has been coming high on it banks so flooding along the river is also something we are watching, but the most recent data has shown the river going down.



Panoramic Shot of the Cohocton River
Panoramic Shot of the Cohocton River

These shots show the river at about five to six feet, but normally in the Spring and Summer the river runs at about one to two feet.

Down river from the overpass

Seedlings are continuing to grow nicely.  I did add a couple of pepper seeds, because they were not coming up.  I am really pleased to see how the seedlings are proceeding.


The young peppers in the foreground
The seed trays doing well.


This week I am hoping to complete my construction of my cold frame.

I hope everyone is enjoying Daylight Saving Time.  Stay warm and dry.




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