Garden things could have gone better this week

After digging out a piece of soil and growing food on it, one can become attached to that piece of land.  There is a unique bond formed between the person or persons and the land.  So when I found out this week that 80% of my gardens were on a neighbors land I was disappointed.  The neighbor is a local business man who is planning to expand some of his business in our area.  He has been kind enough to allow me to keep the gardens in place, but I do not want him to have to ask me in the future, likely around July, to move my plants.  I have appreciated my neighbors kinds words and expressing their understanding as relocate my garden beds.  What I keep reminding myself is that these two beds were dug out last year and they can be dug out again.

The beginning of my garden last year, almost to the day.

Last summer some of my seedlings would mysteriously disappear overnight.  It was so bad that I purchased additional plants from a local organic farm.  Initially, I though birds were pulling up my plants, and they might have been.  When I went to my basement were my seedlings are growing and found my marigolds and peppers lopped off I was beside myself.  I threatened the life of any small rodent I could find several times. However, no rodent could be found.  I created a fortress around my plants and the rodent still got in.  I am assuming the culprit is a rodent and not birds, at least I am really hoping.


The right side of the seedling fortress
The left side of the seedling fortress
You can see the marigolds "needlessly" lopped off.


I need to replant my peppers and marigolds this week.  Thankfully I have enough time to get everything in.

We were not able to see the extra large moon the other night because of overcast skies, but I hope you were able to enjoy.

Stay warm and dry.


2 thoughts on “Garden things could have gone better this week

  1. Boy, you did have a bad gardening week. Sad to see the headless seedlings. And having a misjudgment on the property line. Whoa, I would really be saddened for all my garden plants. Reprieve aside. You have a nice writing style. And I love your cute little garden helper. Looks like a sweetie.

  2. I DID happen to see the largest moon in the last 20 years here in Portland, ME where we had clear skies and a wicked warm night. Long story short…you didn’t miss much. Wait another 28 days or so and you’ll see another full moon…they all look the same.

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