Cold Frame Construction – Part 2

Last week we received six to eight inches of snow.  So any plans I had to start mapping and cutting out the new gardens were thwarted.  Taking advantage of the cold weather and snow-covered ground I decided to complete my cold frame.  My friend Dylan and I  cut the sides out a few weeks ago.  Today, I cut the front and the back, and added the hinges.

The back cut

After the front and back were cut I used extra lumber to make the corners.  I used corner clamps to hold the pieces in the correct place.

You can see the clamps and corner lumber in place
The back is in place. Ready to start the front.

Getting the back together was probably the hardest part of the base.  Getting all the pieces to stay in place can be tricky.  The corner clamps help a lot.  I also used a lot of clamps to keep it all together.

With the front attached the base is completed.
Here the is the cold frame with the window attached.

You can read about the window frame construction on an earlier post.

Here is the cold frame completed. You can see the hinges I used.

The only part of the new of the cold frame were the hinges. The rest of the materials I had on hand or purchased used materials.  This cold frame is going to sit on our back porch so I am going paint it to match colors on our house.

If you have any specific questions about the process I used please feel free to ask.

Last week I was having trouble with rodents eating some of my seedlings.  I had created a fortress that was mildly successful.  I found some plant covering and cut a piece off and created the “Super Fortress”.

The "Super Fortress"

I also re-planted the plants that I had lost. I am just waiting for them to come up.

Stay warm.


4 thoughts on “Cold Frame Construction – Part 2

    1. Hi Billie Jo. Its fairly basic. Really its just building a box with a cover. If you or your husband have any questions please let me know. Thanks for reading and commenting.

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