Breaking ground, and hope Springs eternal

A week ago I shoveled snow, this weekend the sun was a welcomed surprise. Until, Thursday the weather forecast was calling for rain on Saturday.  It felt good to get outside and to start scraping off the grunge of winter.

The chives are starting to come up.  They will be moved to their new home in a week or two.
The chives has started to come up. They will be moved to their new home in a week or two.

I was able to accomplish a number of items on my spring checklist. Planning  the new garden beds was number one on my checklist.

These are the new gardens. The white strings are the square garden, and the black circle will be the new circle garden.

My first plan was the use the same layout and dimensions only move them back over the property line.  I used string and measured out the square garden.  I then painted out the circle garden.   As I was looking at the new lay out, I was bothered by how it looked.  I experimented with some tree branches and found shadows would create a problem with this set up.

So I decided to make a change. I flip-flopped the gardens.  I was also able to then put a row of cucumbers and peas into the lay out, which I think will look really good.

Cucumbers will be between the circle and square garden.
The peas will be between the fruit patch and the square garden. You can see the circle from the first lay out plan.

I let the lay out plan sit overnight so I could make sure I was happy with all the details.

The next day I realized the I wanted the circle garden another foot further from the property line, so I made that adjustment.  Then I started cutting sod.  I was able to cut about half of the circle garden.  While cutting the sod I found the soil was different from the other areas I had worked with before.  This soil appears to have a type of gravel in it.

This is the soil I found. Any ideas on how to improve this type?

I think this soil will need a lot of compost and peat moss.  Fortunately I have a good amount of compost this year.

Cutting the sod allows me to use my favorite garden tool.  I found it at a garage sale last summer, and I use it almost in every way.  I have no idea what it is called and have not come up with another name for it so if you know what it’s actual name is please let me know.

My favorite garden tool.

While cutting the circle garden out I also extended the berry patches. These patches were started last year and I wanted to extend them this year so the fruit can spread. I will be putting rocks between each bed in the next week or two.

The fruit patch. I will finish adding rocks between each bed.

I am hoping to get outside and do a bit more work this week, but the rain may prevent me from getting much work down.

Have a good week, and stay warm.


5 thoughts on “Breaking ground, and hope Springs eternal

  1. I usually can imagine how everything will work, but when I paint it out I can spend more brain power on how I like it. Spring did take a nice turn toward us this weekend. Here’s to nice weather this week.

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