Flowers Home and Away

This weekend my wife and I were able to take a weekend away.  We took Friday to drive to Buffalo, NY to visit the Buffalo and Erie County Botanical Gardens. We had a wonderful time.  The building was majestic to look at from the outside, but inside we entered a different world.  There were about 11 houses, that took us to various ecosystems and climates.  The major theme of the climates exhibited are the climates along the “Buffalo Meridian”.  The circle around the world starting and stopping in Buffalo.  They chose this to show the variety in the world and how we are all connected.

Buffalo Meridian, the globe and granite post state the distance from Buffalo to this particular climate.
Some very cool air plants
A nice example of a topiary, there were several as we walked around
A statue in the ivy and herb house.
30 foot waterfall in the tropical rainforest house. A real highlight for me

The weather outside that day was rainy and cold.  However, inside the botanical gardens it was completely a different world.  I can not say enough about the volunteers we met along the way.  Most of the time they would stop the work they were doing and share about their work.  We learned about a cocoa tree, vanilla vine, and several other plants and topics.  Our trip was great, and we will go back again because there was so much to see we could not take it all in during one trip.

When we came home from our jaunt some flowers at home were in bloom.

So warm and bright. They encourage us through a grayish Spring.
At the end of our driveway a beautiful flowering tree.
The bees love this tree. When I pass by I love the buzzing sound of bees.

Yesterday was a beautiful day, but today was cloudy and a bit rainy.  I got some garden clean up work done, but nothing exciting.  I did plant peas last night so hopefully, they will make it through the showers of this week.

It has been good to hear from so many of you.  I am excited to read and hear about your gardening adventures this summer.

Have a great week and stay warm.


5 thoughts on “Flowers Home and Away

  1. How wonderful to share in your life this way! I am so happy that you and Sarah had a get away and also that you share our love of gardens! Would love to have seen the gardens at Buffalo – that looked amazing! We visited Daniel Stowe Botanical gardens in Belmont this weekend. It was great. I have beets and lettuce up. My zuccini is growing so fast I can see it daily. I wish I could do more but the old bones won’t allow. I try to do things in pots but wanted to really take advantage of the sweet garden area I have but all that is growing there this year is horseradish! Not physically able to do more. But love my flowers which “grow themselves” Did Sarah show you the smilebox of our backyard? Check it out. Aunt Eileen

  2. What a creative and fun idea – a circle around the world in the ‘buffalo meridian’! That would be such a creative teaching tool for kids, too. Your tree is so full of blooms!

    1. During our visit there were several loads of school buses of school kids. A volunteer also mentioned the local schools have an agreement to use the Botanical Gardens for science classes. I thought it was great. The blooms have quickly faded with our recent rain, but it is a nice to see flowers.

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