Fruit and Herb Preview

Weather that has dominated most the of conversation this Spring has changed. Our neighborhood seems more alive this weekend.  I feel like everyone has been outside all weekend soaking in the warmth and sunshine.

It has been mostly a week of finishing touches here at Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm.  We gathered another 18 buckets of rocks to finish off a few places.  My rock source is drying up so I need to get all I can before it dries up.

I did take a few minutes this evening to take a few pictures of what is growing.

The yellow raspberries

The yellow raspberries did not survive the transplant process well last year.  A couple of hardy vines made it and even produced a few berries.  It is good to see them more than double this Spring.

The black raspberries.

The black raspberries did well last year, and I look forward to another strong showing this summer.

The strawberries.

The strawberries were planted early June last year.  They seem to have made it through the tough winter.  I look forward to fresh strawberries and to little suckers turning into new plants.

The red raspberries

The red raspberries are doing well.  There is new growth, and last year’s growth is doing well.  You can see most of last year’s canes in the picture above.  We will be eating lots of great fresh fruit this summer.

The rhubarb

The rhubarb was transplanted last year.  It struggled a bit through last summer.  We had lots of hot weather, and where it is placed it gets about nine hours of sun.  So I was happy to see it coming up and doing well this Spring.

The chives.

The chives were planted the same time as the rhubarb.  They are so great and do well almost anywhere.  I enjoy their purple flower.

The daffodils.
The daffodils close up.

These daffodils are in a bed near the front of the house.  I sometimes forget to take pictures of them because most of my gardens are in the back of the house.  I have been doing some work around the front of the house and have enjoyed walking by these great daffodils.

Getting the bed ready.

We have had lots of rain after I rototilled the new gardens.  The soil is a bit compacted.  So I hoed out this part of the garden. I am trying to get ready for carrots, onions, and some garlic.  The plan is to get these in this week.

I hope you have had some good weather.  Take advantage of whatever weather you have.

Stay warm and Happy Mothers’ Day to all you who are Moms.


3 thoughts on “Fruit and Herb Preview

  1. Wow – things are looking great at your place!

    Those daffodils are really gorgeous! It appears you are going to have quite the fruit harvest too – are you going to make some jam with all those berries? How wonderful you have the space for all of them!

    1. Hi Aimee. Thanks. We are looking forward to jam season. The pictures may be deceiving. I don’t think I will have enough here to make jam, especially because some will be eaten off vine! There are lots of nice local farmers that I like to buy more fruit from. We also make a lot of jam.

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