Flowers, and berries, and updates

My town had a festive feel on Saturday.  The town holds an annual community yard sale so there were lots of people walking around and visiting.  After a soggy and wet week a day of sun and outdoor socialization was nice.

The strawberries started blooming last week.  I am hoping the pollinators were able to do their thing with all the rain.

Strawberry blossoms up close.

My raspberries are coming along nicely.  The ever bearing raspberries have really grown this past week.  I also think I saw some flower buds on the red raspberries. I am looking forward to eating these in a few months. Raspberries are my favorites.

The black raspberries.
The yellow raspberries. Their leaves are a slightly different color than the black raspberries.

The chives have taken off. I put this plant in last year and I think it has doubled in size. I definitely need to find more recipes to use chives in this year.

Chives flowers about to open up.

Last post I wrote about transplanting my garlic. I am really glad we had a warm and cloud covered week. Each morning I look at them and think they have perked up. Then when some sun hits them they start wilting a little. This week will have sporadic sunshine so I think the garlic still has a good chance to take root and grow.

The transplanted garlic holding on.

I planted peas about a month ago. This is the first time I have planted peas.  I think I may have planted the seeds to far from the trellis.  However, in about a week I will be able to get them growing up the trellis.

The young peas.

On Saturday evening I was able to plant six rows of onions.  I planted two rows each of yellow, white, and red onions. When I bought them I forgot to record the varieties, I am confident I have them correct now. If I do not please let me know.

Yellow onions - Stuttgarter
White onions - Ebenezer
Red onions - Weathersfield

 The plan for this next week is very exciting.  I will be putting all the seedlings into the ground.  I will be hardening off the pepper seedlings in the cold frame this week. Being in the warm cold frame they should grow a bit bigger and stronger before I put them into the ground.

Looking ahead the  weather looks like good planting weather. I will also plant the first rows of corn, beans, and a few other things. I am trying to improve my succession planting skills. Normally, I get excited and plant everything at once.  This year, a few rows a time.

There is some work to do to prepare for planting.  Some of the beds need to be cultivated to make sure the soil is not solid. Weeding and a few other tasks will be done during the week to be ready for the weekend.

Look forward to planting with those who are planting this week. Stay warm.


3 thoughts on “Flowers, and berries, and updates

  1. Looking good Spencer! The peas should be fine. If needed a piece of string can b used to “coax” them over to the trellis.

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