Planted, Popped Up, and Purple

“Gardening is an exercise in optimism.”

Here Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm there is much to be optimistic about. Seeds planted last week are starting to come up.  The transplants started back in February are now all in the ground.  The weather has been very nice and is forecasted to stay warm.  We did have a couple of frost scares, and after reading other Upstate New Yorkers’ blogs we were lucky to escape it all.

The circle garden with transplants, tomatoes, peppers, tomatillos, and onion. Along with two new soaker hoses.

Over the past couple of years we have had a patch of grass that browns before all the rest of the lawn.  The circle garden is over that, former, patch of grass.  Watching the gardens dry out after some rain I realized that the soil in this part of the lawn drains very quickly.  So I went out and purchased two soaker hoses because I knew I would be watering this garden more than the other gardens.  I installed the soaker hoses this weekend. I am really excited about having soaker hoses.  I am hoping it helps the plants and save on water.

The early corn is already popping up.
Salad greens starting to poke through.

I was amazed to go out late in the week to see little plants coming up through the solid.  I am really looking forward to having some fresh salad so seeing the greens come up was exciting.  I think all four rows have little plants now.

The early corn is doing well.  All the rows are distinct and it looks like a lot of the seeds are coming up.  I also planted a later variety of corn, and there are several new plants there as well.

The transplanted rosemary and thyme.

The last transplants to be put in were the rosemary and thyme.  I do not seem to do so well with herbs and these seedlings were pretty small.  I was afraid if I left them in the small packs they were in they would be cramped or I would forget about them.  I transplanted them so we will have to see how they do.

The chives are in full bloom.

Chives are one of my favorite flowers in the vegetable garden.  This plant is big and there are lots of great flowers.  After the flowers fade I will move this plant to its new home.

It was a great week to be in the garden. I was able to get so many plants in.  I was able to catch up on weeding. Now its just watering, weeding, and waiting.  So much fun.

Stay warm or cool.


6 thoughts on “Planted, Popped Up, and Purple

  1. Hullo! Your corn are looking so sturdy! Hope the hoses do the job of keeping your patch lush and healthy. I’m so envious of your vegies…it is so icy here.

  2. Great job on the corn. Mine is about the same height, but that’s only because I gave up on my corn seeds and (shamefully) traded them in for some nursery starts. If you’re worried about success with the herbs, you did right in picking chives. They’re so hardy that they’re practically a weed in my community plots. Lots of bang for your buck there.

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