Rare Monday Post

All my best efforts to complete putting up my tile yesterday did not succeed so writing my typical Sunday post was also post-poned. However, I finished it early this morning.   So now all I need to do is grout, caulk, and seal.  That is for another place and time. Now I am able to complete my weekly Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm blog post.

I was so excited to harvest my first strawberries.  Last year I bought these plants on a whim from some one on the side of the road who was thinning out their patch.  They are smaller with a nice color and tasty.

The first strawberry harvest. Yummy!

The best part is there are more strawberries on the way.

Strawberries to come.

The herbs have started to come up.


One the other side of the garden two vegetables are just starting to come up.

Two of the four cucumber plants that have come up this week
Only a few carrots are up.

My carrots are not coming up as well as I had hoped.  I am not sure what happened. I know they take a long time to germinate so maybe they are just waiting to come up.  The next week and a half should tell how they are going to do.

I was also excited to see two plant with young fruit.

Pea pods have formed.

I am new to growing peas so I am happy to see pods.  There are several pods and I am looking forward to fresh peas.

The raspberries doing well.

The raspberries were well pollinated. Thank you bees.  The fruit is developing well.  Even more exciting is the young growth of new canes.  These canes will produce fruit next year.  Happy with what I have this year, I am also excited about next year.

With a cooler week it will be interesting to see how the plants do after so much growth last week.

Thank you for your readership.  Since the beginning of the year I have had over 1400 views, according to WordPress (they host blogging sites like this one), I am amazed anyone else likes to read my blog, thank you.

I will be out-of-town for the next post. I do have some ideas, but please excuse next week’s post if it is a bit late.

For those of you who were wondering what a soaker hose is, in a couple of weeks I will show you how I use a soaker hose and how cool it is.

Stay well.


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