Family Harvest

While visiting my parents last week I was able to visit some family gardens.  I really enjoyed talking gardening with my family.  Their hard work and creativity was inspiring.

My parents garden.

My parents garden is mostly tended by my mother.  She loves to mix flowers and plants.  When their garden is in full bloom everything looks really great. When I was in high school I started a few gardens in this plot.  I usually lost interest by mid-July but I have fond memories of great looking pepper plants with no fruit.

After a lunch visit with my Grandparents we took a look at my Grandfathers garden.

Grampy and Nanny's garden

Grampy has a nice raised be garden.  He really needs the fence because of all the rabbits, squirrels, chipmunks, and other wildlife attack his vegetables.  He also has several blueberry bushes and a grape-vine.  He inspired me to get some blueberries.

Dad and I gardening.

Some of my earliest memories are gardening with my Dad.  I have a strong memory of putting collars on our tomatoes so the worms do not cut them down. We used to watch Victory Garden on PBS on Saturdays, which is where I think I learned a lot about gardening. He has had several gardens throughout the years and although work limits his gardening time. We still talk gardening a lot, and he always has good ideas for me.

Returning to the Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm I learned there had been plenty of rain and the weeds had taken over.  I think I weeded about eight to 10 hours.  Now everything looks a lot better.

Tomatoes, peppers, and onions doing well.

I was able to get the tomatoes and tomatillos caged.  I also started to string up the raspberries.

The yellow raspberries on the left and the black raspberries on the right.

Tying the canes to the strings allows good air flow and makes picking them much easier.  The red raspberries are now ready for harvest.  We has raspberry shortcake for dessert is was delightful.

Raspberries on the vine are doing well.
The first raspberry harvest, about 3/4 pint.
Peas ready for eating.

I also was able to harvest peas and mesculin mix.  Everything was so much better than food from the grocery store.

Lettuce and salad green mixes.

So after my visit with my Grandparents I was inspired to buy some blueberries. I found an ad on Craigslist and made a trip to pick up the blueberry plants. I bought them from John.  John was a great help.  He also had a wonderful blueberry and strawberry patch.  I am hoping to get the new blueberry bushes into the ground this week.  If things change I should be ok, they are in great containers.

The new blueberry bushes.

If you happen to know anything about these varieties I am always looking for more information.

I have not talked about gardening with my family as much as I have this year. These conversations have been so much fun.  I hope you spend time sharing your gardening experiences with family and friends it is very important.

Have a great week.


3 thoughts on “Family Harvest

  1. How nice that you have those memories, and that you are still talking about gardening with your family. I loved seeing gardens of three generations, and the pic of your and your dad is adorable. Your harvests look wonderful. Good luck with your blueberry bushes!

  2. Your grandad’s raised garden looks a little like mine, only bigger. Thanks for sharing memories–I think nearly all gardeners have some childhood experience that set them on the gardening path. I’m still waiting on my raspberries–we had a slow spring.

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