Water, pints, and pruning

Last week I mentioned I was pruning my tomatoes and peppers. A couple of people asked about how to prune tomatoes.  Last year I found this video made Johnny’s Selected Seeds. I think this video communicates the proper way of pruning quickly and effectively.   I hope you find it helpful.

My brother commented he heard it was not good to prune peppers.  He is right, they should not be pruned.  I learned to prune them a bit from an experience I had in high school. I had several peppers plants and no fruit, but with lots of leaves. I trimmed the bottom leaves and the flowers came out and then fruit.  I think in cooler climates they sometimes need a bit of stress to flower.

Click to enlarge
The pepper plants

The above picture shows most of my pepper plants.  The plants near the top of the picture were given to me by a neighbor. When she gave them to me they were about six inches tall, and far ahead of my plants.  You can see some of the plants in the middle of the picture are smaller. The plants near the bottom are in between the top and middle pics.  I decided to hold off on pruning these for a while.  The smaller ones may need to get some pruning if they do not flower.

The weather has been hot and dry this past week.  However, after looking at the weather almanac we had a week of 90 plus temperatures so we can not complain about last week. I did need to water regularly.  When I was watering the corn I noticed something that I had not realized before.  See if you can see it the picture below.

Click to enlarge.
Can you see what I saw.

Capturing this in a picture was difficult, but basically the leaves of the corn catch the water and funnel it right to the roots of plant.

Click to enlarge
The ground right around corn stalks is wet

Watering the roots is the most efficient way to water.  This watering system really helps the plant succeed. The use of soaker hoses copies natures efficient watering systems.

The tomatillos, peppers, tomatoes,  and cucumbers have started to flower or produce some fruit.

Click to enlarge
Baby peppers
Click to enlarge
The cucumber flower.
Click to enlarge
A few Roma tomatoes
Click to enlarge
The tomatillo flowers

It was also good to see the pumpkins coming up out of the ground.

Click to enlarge
A few of the pumpkins coming up

I harvested four of the garlic plants recently.  Now they are sitting on a window screen in the sun, drying out.  They are average sized so I hope the plants that have not turned brown will produce larger bulbs.

Click to enlarge
The harvested garlic

This past week I picked two pints of raspberries.  I also tied the raspberry canes to the “V-trellis”.   Using a trellis helps air move through the plants and allows easier access to the fruit.

Click to enlarge
Yellow raspberries on the left and black raspberries on the right

Looking ahead at the weather forecast I will be watering most of the week. Hopefully the rain will come next weekend.  You can see the Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm is pretty brown.

Click to enlarge
The garden is green but the grass is brown

I encourage you to stop by your local farmers market.  The food is great and it helps your community. I hope you stay cool this next week.




5 thoughts on “Water, pints, and pruning

  1. Isn’t nature amazing? In addition to funneling the water efficiently, I’ve also heard that plants’ leaves will grow to the exact place where they will receive sunlight, no matter how dense the plant is. Plants, and bodies, are miraculous things!

  2. Those look nice and bushy! Have you had any trouble planting black raspberries in with your other raspberries? Some Amish friends plant theirs right in, too, but all the “experts” say to keep them at least 200 ft. apart. Just wondering what your experience has been.

    1. I have not had any problems, so far. I had been cutting them down in the fall, but that has not be working so I will treat them more like my reds. I have heard they need to be 15′ to 20′ from the reds, mine are about 12′. I ahve not heard they would effect the yellows. In the next couple of weeks I will be putting in a new V trellis system for the yellows and blacks.

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