New Arrivals to the Micro Farm

Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm has some new editions this week.  A local garden center has a discount program that I was able to take advantage of this past week.  I purchased five new herbs; winter savory, summer savory, oregano, apple mint, and orange mint.  I know its late in the season, but I am hoping these perennials will take root and come back next year.

Most of the new herb addition

I also put the blueberries in the ground this past week.  My area has not had rain in a while like many of you, but as I dug about a foot into the ground I saw no damp soil.  So I soaked each of the holes and let them sit all day and transplanted the blueberries in the evening.  This afternoon I placed chairs over the plants to give them shade for most of the day to avoid sun’s intensity.

The blueberries in their new home

On Friday, my friend Dylan and I traveled to Steve and Tina’s sheep farm to pick up a truck load of sheep manure.  Dylan was not very excited, but enjoyed meeting Steve.  We dropped the manure off at my house.  The manure is a bit hot, but I have been turning it ever other day.  In this weather it will dry out quickly.  I hope to add some to the garden this week.

Here is my new sheep manure waiting to be applied to the garden

I am enjoying watching different plants develop.  The heat has been very good for the peppers and tomatoes.  The plants in the Circle Garden are watered with a soaker hose.  From my general observations I think this garden is doing slightly better than the other gardens.  I am making plans to add either soaker hoses or drip irrigation to the rest of the gardens next Spring.

These are Johnny's Selected Seeds Salsa Tomatoes. How many do you count? I see 14
Here are my pickling cukes. Thanks Dad.
Here you can see the tomatillos in bloom. We will have a lot of tomatillos. There is also some side dressing (sheep manure) there
The raspberries and strawberries. Red raspberries are almost done, waiting for the black and yellows
Here is the herb garden in full view. Dill in the back. Cilantro, and basil in there too
The square garden going well. The onions are starting to fall
Here is the circle garden. I think the soaker hose is helping a lot

Keeping the garden watered is the major chore this week. Stay cool this week.  Do not forget to stop by a farmers’ market and buy some fresh fruits or vegetables.

Stay cool.



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