On the verge

I harvested the first round of basil and cilantro this week.  Both herbs were growing well and mature looking but showed a few signs of stress from the heat.

The first basil and cilantro harvest

The basil and some of the cilantro was dehydrated in the RONCO dehydrator.  It is amazing how little five trays of leaves amounts to when they are dried.  I froze the cilantro that would not fit into the dehydrator.  I also picked a few leaves today to make basil vinaigrette, very tastey.

We have been enjoying eating the varieties of lettuce.  Sharing the lettuce has been fun too.

The rest of the garden feels like it is on the verge.  Earlier this week I noticed corn silks.

Can you see the corn silks and beginning of the ears

Two of the older pepper plants are producing nicely.  The peppers are growing to a nice size.

This is one of the more mature plants with good fruit

Tomatillos are one of my favorite plants to watch develop.  The flowers are really beautiful.  Then they develop Chinese lantern like husks.  The fruit develops inside the husks.  You wait until the fruit breaks the husk to pick it.

Tomatillo husks, I think these will be the green variety

I looked around the cucumbers today, and was surprised to find there were several good sized cukes.  These are pickling cucumbers so they will likely be turned into Hamburger Pickles this week or next.

Cucumbers looking good. When I took this picture I thought there were two, but there are three in the picture

The heat has been a major theme in the United States this week.  I have been watering all week to keep the plants alive.  Many of them are doing well despite the lack of rain.  I attribute the success in my circle garden to the soaker hose in that bed.  Soaker hoses waste much less water than traditional spray watering and sprinklers.  So I have been researching drip irrigation.  I am planning on installing a drip system this summer.  Our home has a well, and that is also my water supply for the Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm. Water usage in our current dry spell is monitored more carefully than during other seasons.  So when read drip irrigation can reduce water usage by 30% to 50%  I was impressed and decided to add it to my gardens.

I am looking for all of your opinions and experiences with drip irrigation.  Where did you buy your system?  What would you do differently if you could start again?  Please share what you like and do not like about your current system.

Thanks for your help.  Have a great week and stay cool.



One thought on “On the verge

  1. Your produce is looking great! Such a difference from here, where we may be getting a few tomatoes, but mostly we are waiting to start the fall garden soon. As for drip irrigation, I personally did not care for it. Some sections would drip more, some less, and it was frustrating to me. Although I know it’s efficient. And I had it in flower beds, and it does better in vegetable beds where everything is lined up in rows. I am going to try a misting system soon. I’ve heard that the mist is more evenly distributed, but still does not take a lot of water. How much in comparison to the drip system, I’m not certain. If the drip system works for you, then I wouldn’t change it!

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