In a Pickle…Do You Prefer Sweet or Dill

Early last week Mrs Miller, my mother-in-law, and I made hamburger pickles from cucumbers and dill from the garden.  The three or four cucumber plants given us a manageable amount of cucumbers.  Last year we only made sweet pickles, but have bigger plans this year.

The cucumbers cleaned and waiting
The dill washed and waiting

Mrs. M and I canned about 14 jars.  We were pleased with this year’s  first batch of pickles. We are looking forward to eating them and making more.

Mrs. M holding a jar of pickles

Later in the week Sarah and I went out into the garden to get some work done. While we were weeding and harvesting we noticed a lot of bees and other pollinators.  Two bees were noticeably heavily laden down pollen.  They were spending a lot of time around the corn tassels.

Bee Carrying Lots of Pollen. The Yellow Spots on His Back Legs are Pollen
This Bee Was Resting After a Busy Morning of Pollen Collection. This Bee is All Black and the Yellow is Pollen.

After watching the bees Sarah and I pulled all the garlic and the onions that had fallen over.

Garlic Fresh Out of the Ground
This Is A Garlic Flower

I planted my pumpkins about three weeks later this year than I had last year. This past week they really started to be noticeably bigger.

The Pumpkins are Starting to Get Big

Last year the pumpkins ran all over the yard.  This year I am hoping to keep them, mostly, within the garden.  Time will tell how successful I am.  When I looked under the leaves I could see flower buds.

Flower Buds Hopefully that Means Lots of Yummy Pumpkins

This variety is called Winter Luxury.  It is an old, pie variety.   I grew them last year and they were great pie pumpkins.

In the circle garden the peppers are doing really well.  There are lots of tomatoes. I noticed today a couple are starting to turn red.

Salsa tomatoes starting to turn read.

More cucumbers are on their way.  We will be making sweet pickles this week.

Cucumbers that will be picked and pickled this week

We here at Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm will be participating in World Kitchen Garden Day on August 28th.  In the next week or so I will be writing more about what we will be doing to celebrate, but I want to encourage all you kitchen gardeners to find a way toe celebrate.  In our world today there are many people starving.  Many people in the United States struggle with hunger and eating well everyday.  Kitchen gardens, gardens that are small but help provide families vegetables, are can be important to helping with food crisis or challenge. Help some one learn to grow food.  I encourage you to participate in World Kitchen Garden Day.  Please go to Kitchen Garden International to learn more.

Have a great week.  Stay cool (as a cucumber).


14 thoughts on “In a Pickle…Do You Prefer Sweet or Dill

  1. You are amazing and I love that lady making those pickles.
    She looks so happy and you and Sarah are the reason why!!

    1. Thanks Eileen. We had a lot of fun. It has been really nice to hear compliments on how Mrs. M looks. Since I have posted she has received a bunch. Have a great day and thanks for your support.

  2. I’ve never seen a garlic flower before. Thanks for sharing. The garlic you harvested looks amazing. Do you leave cloves in the ground until the following year to see if they’ll grow bigger? I’m growing garlic for the first time this year and someone told me that would work.
    14 jars of pickles! Congrats!

    1. Thanks for reading. I hadn’t seen a flower before either. I am not sure what stage the flower is in. I know they are supposed to be cut off when they are seen but I let this one go for a bit to see what it would look like.

      Most of this garlic was planted last fall. My largest bulbs were from what a planted last fall. I had to transplant some of them, they were on the neighbors property. The transplanted bulbs did not do as well. Next year I will not need to move them so they should have a more typical growing season. I have not heard about leaving them in the ground another year. I think soil and garlic variety have more to do with size than time. I think leaving them in would work my only question would be about how they would taste a year later.

    1. This is my second year canning. Mrs. Miller taught me last year. I highly recommend it. We do not can things that need to be put into the pressure cooker so that makes most of the work much easier. I would encourage you to try it. The Ball Canning Discovery kits make it easy to start. In a couple of weeks when the sweet pickles are ready I will post pics. Thanks for reading.

    1. Hi Jon. So good to hear from you. Well if you are in the area you can stop over and have a burger with pickles on it. Say hi to Krystal and the family for us.

    1. Thanks Holley. Both bees did look tired. I don’t know where their hive is, but I hope it was close. Sounds like you and your husband make a good pair. You can enjoy any type of pickles people give you.

  3. Nice to make your acquaintance, Spencer! Thanks for visiting my blog. It looks as if we share a lot of interests, so I shall definitely return.
    BTW: I’m not a great fan of dill pickles. I prefer to eat my cucumbers raw (Yes, I know you can’t have them available so often if you don’t preserve them, but…)

    1. Hi Mark. Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. I found your blog on Blotanical. I enjoy reading your posts and learn a lot from them. I am opposite from you regarding the pickles and cucumbers. I don’t really enjoy cucumbers but I do like pickles. Thanks again for stopping by.

  4. Love seeing your garden. Will join you for world kitchen day but I won’t have much to share! Winter here. I’m going to try pumpkins ip a fence this year, they really do sprawl everywhere don’t they!

    1. Thanks for joining World Kitchen Garden Day. Yes, pumpkins go everywhere. I have thought about growing mine vertically, but I don’t know if I can keep up with them. What kind are you growing and what do you use them for?

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