Friends, End, Beginning, and You Are Invited

Another Monday means pickles.  Last Monday I picked all the cucumbers and Mrs. Miller and I started the brine for a batch of sweet pickles.

Mrs. Miller scrubbing cucumbers in preparation for brining.

While Mrs. Miller scrubbed cucumbers I prepared the brine.  Canning salt and water.

Preparing the brine

This week we will start another batch of sweet pickles thanks to cucumber donations for our friends Dick & Ellie and Ted & Eleanor.

A Sunflower in Ted & Eleanor's Garden

Every year Ted & Eleanor go to the Adirondacks.  I get to watch over their garden while they are gone.  Often they offer me some vegetables.  This year they have lots of cucumbers and there will be many zucchini.

Here are some donated cukes and zucchini, cukes and pepper from my garden

The above picture shows some of the peppers I picked today. Typically, I only grow mild peppers.  However, when I saw some of the peppers this week I was surprised.  A few of the plants’ fruit looked a bit different from the bell peppers I was expecting.

Here are my rouge peppers
The green beans flowering

This year I planted a couple of crops later than I originally planned.  The green beans were one of the later crops.  They are now flowering.  I am getting excited about having beans and making dilly beans.

The Pumpkins are Starting to Take Over

Pumpkins also went into the ground late.  However, they seem to be doing really well.  Today I think I noticed a baby pumpkin.

I think this is a baby pumpkin

In our area berries have been greatly effectively by the weather.  The red raspberry season was about two days.  I was really hoping my ever-bearing berries would make it through the dry part of the summer and produce well.  So far there are only a few flowers but I think they may do ok.

A few yellow raspberries, hoping for more

I am looking forward to this week.  There will a lot to harvest. Tomatoes are coming along really well, fresh herbs, peppers, tomatillos, and corn.   So much to look forward to.

Last week I wrote about World Kitchen Garden Day.  Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm will be hosting a celebration of World Kitchen Garden Day.  You are invited to come and walk around.  There will be a camp fire, hot dogs, and smores. There will be some lawn games.  Most importantly there will be garden tours.  We will answer any questions you may have.  Sunday, August 28th from 5 to 7 pm please come join us. If you need directions please contact me.  I really hope to see you here.



One thought on “Friends, End, Beginning, and You Are Invited

  1. hey Spence, looks like you are having fun! wish we could be there for your garden kitchen day…awesome!!! We have string beans coming out of our ears…had a few evenings of great showers and garden is happy about that…butternut squash is finaly starting to take some shape

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