To Be Fair…

This afternoon I dropped off my entries to the Steuben County Fair, our local fair in our county seat.  I submitted garlic, tomatoes, cucumber, hamburger pickles, chili sauce, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, homemade bread, and dill.

Raspberry jam made last night. One was submitted to the Fair.

Repair projects have been taking up a lot of time around the Micro Farm.  Trying to spruce things up for World Kitchen Garden Day.  I have been using produce from the garden in meals a lot this week.  I used tomatoes and basil to make bruschetta this week.

Homemade goodness

Making our recipe of sweet pickles takes two weeks.  The process is lengthy.  The result is delicious.  One batch will be ready to can Monday or Tuesday and the second batch will be ready next week.

My two batches of sweet pickles. The first batch is in the white bucket, the second batch is in the crock

I have been learning more about “Companion Gardening” over the past couple of years.  Companion gardening uses plants to repel some insects and attract some insects.  This Spring I planted some Alyssum, both white and purple, and an African Marigold.

A patch of white Alyssum and an African Marigold
A patch of purple and white Alyssum

World Kitchen Garden Day is coming on Sunday, August 28th, from 5 tp 7 pm.  I have created a Facebook event page.  If you are planning on attending please RSVP there so I can track numbers.  You are invited.  Come join us.

Stay cool.












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