Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm Award Winning?

We stopped by the Steuben County Fair this week to see how the entries fared. The bad news first, the vegetables did not win any awards.  I was really impressed by the quality of the produce submitted.

The jam and bread entries fared much better.  I was surprised by the second place ribbon the bread won.  I anticipated the baked good competition to be very strong, and it was.  There were few breads and more cookies so I think being in the bread category was beneficial.

The Bread Through the Glass Case.

The canned goods placed well.  Our strawberry jam won first place.  I was really pleased the strawberry won, it was the first time I have made strawberry jam and I think it came out really well.

The Strawberry Jam

We make Chili Sauce annually, and its Mrs. Miller’s favorite family recipe.  I submitted the Chili Sauce knowing the jar size was smaller than they required for judging. Regardless, we came in second place.

The Second Place Chili Sauce

The hamburger pickles we made earlier this summer came in third place. Another first for me so I was excited to see us do so well.

Hamburger pickles.

Next Sunday is World Kitchen Garden Day.  You are welcomed to stop by the Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm to celebrate with us.  People all over the world will be celebrate family gardeners and the fresh produce they nurture.  With all the food insecurity around the world being able to create your own food is very special.  Celebrate next with us next week.

Take care and stay cool.


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