World Kitchen Garden Day ReCap

Celebrating World Kitchen Garden Day with friends was a blast.  I want to thank the Newcomers, my neighbor Eric, and my wife Sarah for celebrating with me. The wind and clouds of hurricane Irene did make the first hour interesting.  The sun came out the second hour and we enjoyed a nice time around the camp fire near the gardens.

I am introducing the Newcomers to a tomatillo

We toured around the garden and talked.  We also stopped by he compost bin and saw the volunteers growing there.

In the compost bin are tomatillo and tomato volunteers

We also picked some tomatoes.  They are really doing well now.  I also picked several good-sized peppers as well.

The tomato harvest

After touring the garden we cooked hot dogs and smores over the fire.  We sat and looked over the gardens and down the valley as the sun was slowly setting.  It was a wonderful time.

Cooking around the fire

Today the sun came out and the weather was gorgeous.  The garden is doing well.  Fall is near though.

The purple tomatillos are so unique and beautiful
The peppers are coming along well.
The Alyssum has come back after losing all it flowers in July

So as some crops fade I am trying to find crops to fill space.  A patch of peas started to come up this week.  This will be the second crop this summer.  While at the county fair I stopped by the Steuben County Extension Office’s exhibit.  They tested my soil’s ph level.  If you had asked me I would have guessed my soil was on the acidic side.  However, the test came back 7.4 which is not acidic.  So when I add my sheep manure this fall I will not add lime to avoid the ph falling.  I actually want the ph to fall to about 6.8 or so.  I expect it will take a couple of years to get to the better level.

Have a great week.  Stay dry.


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