Fall Flowers and Pumpkins

Last Sunday I was not feeling well and slept most of the day.  Monday, I felt like a new person.  Our area has been receiving lots of rain recently. However, to the east people are dealing with flooded basements and rivers reaching record heights.  Today we are getting another storm system moving through. I was able to sneak out and get a few pictures taken.

Fall has brought nice flowers to the garden.  Cosmos and Marigolds are blooming nicely.

There are three or fours colors on the Cosmos plants
This Marigold plant is the only one that made it from seed this Spring.

My pumpkins have stopped taking over the gardens.  They are producing lovely flowers and pumpkins.  Squash family flowers are very cool, and disappear so quickly.

A pumpkin flower, most of the plants have flowered already

There are some really great looking pumpkins coming along well too.

These pumpkins go from green, orange, and then whitish with a netting. These are average sized.

I planted these pumpkins later in the season.  They were able to get through the dry parts of July really well.  Now they are getting lots of water.  I noticed some whitish substance on the leaves.  I am worried they are getting a mildew.  Scattered rain is forecast until the middle of the week so I will have to wait and see.

Do you think these leaves have mildew on them?

Last week I started taking classes to be part of the Steuben County Cornell Cooperative Extension Master Gardener program.  I enjoyed the first class about plant cell biology.  I had more than a few flashbacks to high school biology class, but I was definitely a better student and more focused this time around.

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of Fall.  Stay warm and dry.  Do not forget to stop by a farmers’ market and buy some fresh and local fruit and vegetables.



3 thoughts on “Fall Flowers and Pumpkins

  1. Your pumpkins look great! Our leaves have that “mildewy” look, but much more severe. I thought there might be some kind of disease involved, but the pumpkins themselves are thriving. Enjoy your class!

  2. Hey Spencer! nice demonstration of your diligent, tender care of the garden. In reguards to the mildewy look I heard talk on a broadcast of the strange fungus that has hit due to the hurricane Irene.keep up the good work .you are an inspiration to us all! blessings,Aunti Kath

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