Yellow raspberries, yellow pumpkins, and yellow leaves

Family and friends should skip the first paragraph there are Christmas gift spoilers ahead.  Mrs. Miller and I were able to make a dozen jars of chili sauce this week.  Mrs. Miller’s recipe comes from her Swedish grandmother.  Chili sauce is a tomato based sauce with peppers, onions, apples, sugar, and spices.  Most often used as a sweet condiment.  Mrs. Miller loves making chili sauce, when we make it she tells me favorite stories of when she used to make it with her mom. The plan for this week is to make at least another dozen jars.

I have been excited to see the yellow raspberries doing well this year.

Lots of yummy berries coming soon.
These two berries did not last long after this picture was taken

I really enjoy these berries.  They seem to have a nice sweet flavor, that I find very different from red raspberries.  If you agree let me know, I am not sure if they really taste different or their color makes me think they taste different. The black raspberries have not produced this year.  The weather may have gotten to them, I am not sure.  I will be following up on them.

When you pack your plants in as much as I do, problems can arise.  My pumpkins are fading.  A similar situation happened last year as well.  This year I think mildew or similar disease got them with the rainy and cool weather we had.  Sometimes I think putting plants so close uses up a lot of the food in the soil.  So I will be adding lots of compost and sheep manure this fall.

The pumpkins plants fading, but the pumpkins look good

My cucumber are also winding down for this year.   I had a really good harvest, especially for my first time growing cukes.  I have a several large cukes left. I found a salsa recipe in the Ball Blue Book that should work well with my large cukes.

These cukes are headed for salsa, if you want one let me know.

We have an ever increasing family of chipmunks in our yard.  I am pretty sure they have a metropolis build under our yard.  The past two years I have planted sunflowers and have been thwarted.  I think most vegetable gardens should have sunflowers because they look great in the garden, and the seeds are good to eat. The chipmunks either eat the young seedlings or move the seeds.  Well this year they moved the seeds.  However, this year will be different.  In my garlic bed I had a cluster of plants “randomly” growing.  I let them go to see what they were.  Well when I saw them this week I smiled. I think they are the sunflower seeds the chipmunks “transplanted”.  I really hope they are.  Check out the picture below and let me know what you think.

My "transplanted" sunflowers. Are they really sunflowers?

This week is our second Master Gardener class. I am looking forward to learning more this class.  More canning and sauce making.  A busy week coming up.  Looking ahead at the weather it looks like Monday will be the best harvest day of the week.  I hope you are enjoying the beginning of fall.  The weather certainly has made a change.  Get out and enjoy apples, cider, and pumpkins and the lovely aromas of Fall.  Stay warm.


2 thoughts on “Yellow raspberries, yellow pumpkins, and yellow leaves

  1. Those yellow raspberries are HUGE. I have a lot of chipmunks here too and hate them in my garden. It looks like you have sunflowers there. I can’t believe how many cukes you have in one spot too. A good harvest indeed.

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