Microfarm Is A Real Word!…Who Knew

While browsing a local bookstore Sarah picked up the most recent copy of Grit magazine. Scanning the pages I found an article called “Microfarms Spring Up in Maine” and the first story is about a microfarm in Camden, which is near the part of Maine I grew up in.  When I used “microfarm” naming my spot of ground I had not heard the term before.  I thought I might have made up a word or poorly modified the definition.  There were several farms highlighted in the article but a theme I noticed about all the farms was the amount of food they produced on a small amount of land, typically less than an acre.

There are lots of benefits to utilizing small spaces.  However, it is very important to remember that using this technique can quickly deplete the soil of its nutrients.  As I cleaned out a couple of beds this week. I added some sheep manure compost.  I will also add some compost from my compost bins after I pull all the dead plants out.

This years cuke and lettuce beds filled with compost.

There are still some crops producing.  The second planting of peas has started flowering.

The peas flowering, peas can take a frost so I should get a good crop

The tomatoes are still producing.  Most of the plants have come down with Late Blight.  The rainy and damp weather the past two or three weeks really helps the Late Blight take off.  To avoid it effecting the fruit I pick them just when they turn yellowish-orange and let them ripen on the counter.  Instead of composting these plants I will burn them to help prevent from coming back easily next year.  I will also turn the soil over because Late Blight lives only on the surface.

A big beefsteak tomato. Can you see the tomato vines "browning"?

As the pumpkins have faded I was able to see the green beans again.  The plants look good and strong.  There are a few small beans growing.  With some good fortune the frost will hold off long enough for them to get a bit larger.

A few young beans are there. Coming along nicely. This is the second picking.

This week I the plan is to make green and red salsa, relish, and finish up our second batch of chili sauce. These will  make yummy salsa this week.

I was able to pick a these tomatoes and peppers this week.

This weekend was beautiful.  Looking at the weather reports before the weekend I would never have guessed how nice it was.  This week is supposed to be fairly warm. I think I will wait on pulling out the peppers and tomatoes until the weather is consistently cool.

Have a great week, and stay warm and dry.


One thought on “Microfarm Is A Real Word!…Who Knew

  1. Farm produce is popular this fall. I have heard of microfarms and it is nice you have one and did not even know they are kinda popular in urban areas. All my tomatoes were producing and healthy, but I removed most of them preparing for the cold temps soon to arrive.

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