Micro Farms in the News and Good Harvests

I was listening to the news this morning and heard an interesting report about micro farming in Detroit. I encourage you to check out the article.  Click here for the article.

Today I harvested my 12 Winter Luxury pumpkins. The Winter Luxury, according to Johnny’s Selected Seeds, is an heirloom, pie pumpkin.  It is not very large, and develops a whitish color when ripe.  Many of mine have not full ripened, but the vines were dying or dead so I chose to pick them.  We have also had lots of rain, and cool weather so I was afraid the bugs or weather would ruin them if I did not get them to a dryer location.

Click to Enlarge
The pumpkin patch hit by a downy mildew

Late Blight has attacked a few of the tomatoes. Some of the varieties definitely have survived better than others.  The weather has been cold and wet which Late Blight really likes.  I picked some green tomatoes today because the plants they were on appeared dead.

Tomato plants hit with Late Blight
This tomato shows typical signs of being attacked by Late Blight

I was also able to get out and pick a few lasts.  I pick the lasts of the green beans.  I picked a few last full-sized peppers. Any peppers still out there are small and will not get much larger with the weather forecasted.

Today's Harvest

The yellow raspberries are still producing well.  I was able to get about two handfuls.  They are really great.

The Yellow Raspberries, so yummy.

The flowers are holding strong in the garden.  The cosmos, marigolds, and alyssum are still doing well.  The sunflowers are just about to open.

The only open sunflower, so far!

I really hope the frosts hold off so the sunflowers get a chance to open up.

This next week I will be pulling a lot of the dead or dying plants out of the garden. Any plants that are diseased will be burned so they can not spread disease to next years plants.

I have been working on some ways to improve this site.  Recently those of you who subscribe received an email stating there was a new post.  I had been experimenting and a picture was posted. It was not my intention to post.  I apologize if this was confusing or added extra email to your inbox.  Thanks for your patience.  If you would like to subscribe there is a link at the bottom left of this page.  Each post will come to your mailbox, and you can read the post there. It’s a handy way to stay up to date with what is going at the Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm.


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