Clean Up and a New Team Member

Today is why I love living in the Northeast.  The sun was out, the temperature comfortable, and the leaves beautiful.  Working outside today was not work. Today, I was able to rake pine needles and do a few other chores around the house.

Earlier in the week I cut down the black raspberries bushes and trimmed the strawberries.  The black raspberries are an ever-bearing variety, and should be cut down to the ground each fall.  They grow back each year.  The strawberries were just growing out of control.

The raspberries are trimmed. The strawberries are somewhat under control.
I trim the raspberries almost to the ground.

I raked  pine needles today  to mulch plants for the winter.  The blueberries received a healthy dose of needles.  I also used the pine needle mulch on the black raspberries.  I need to rake more needles to fill the entire bed.  I purchased two bales of straw for additional mulch if the pine needles are not enough.

I also pulled most of the circle garden, and burned the plants.

The Circle Garden is almost cleaned out.

I had tomatoes in the Circle Garden that came down with Late Blight in the past few weeks.  Late Blight can effect peppers, and possibly tomatillos.  I have not read anywhere that it affects tomatillos, but they seem similar enough that I do not want to take chances.  Late Blight lives on living material so I needed to get rid of the living material.  You can bag it and put it in the garbage but I thought burning would be easier.

The herb garden also got some attention this week.  I pulled the dead plants, and a lot of weeds.  I still need to trim the perennial herbs, they are growing wild.

The herb garden still needs some attention. Beautiful fall leaves in the background

There is a new addition to the micro farm.  She has been hanging out for the past few weeks, and my have adopted us.

Her name is September. A new friend at the Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm

We first saw her in September, thus the name, and she was very young.  Our neighbors have also been feeding her and giving her a bed at night.  We feed her, and take general care of her.  We are hoping to find a good home for her, but we will take care of her as needed.  She is very fun, and follows me around the yard as I work.  Contact me if you would like to offer her a good home.

Upcoming this week I need to rake more pine needles.  Finish cleaning up the Circle Garden and the herb garden.  I also need to get some more sheep manure to add to the gardens as well.

I am also thinking about using a new closing line, and would like your opinion.  I have created a poll, on the side of the page, please share your opinion.  The new tag line is: Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.

Have a great week.


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