The Mystery Continues…

Only the carrots remain in the garden, everything else has been pulled and put into the compost bin.  The carrots will come out this week as the soil is able to dry out a bit. The weather, although bit crazy over the weekend, is supposed to be reasonably dry until Friday.  I feel a sense of accomplishment having the beds pulled and many with a new layer of manure.

The square garden two-thirds ready for Winter.

I was able to pull everything from the circle garden.  I also was able to unload  a tarp full of sheep manure that had been there since mid-July.  I am really glad to have that all cleaned up before the snow really starts to fly.

The circle garden cleaned up, and the manure moved

It took me all Summer and part of Fall to finally move my chives and rhubarb.  It took a while for me to determine where I was going to put them.  So when my wife wanted to plant some mums I came up with a plan.  We have a planter around a pine tree that was over-grown for most of the year.  She cleaned out most of the brush.  We dug a few holes and put in some manure compost.  The mums are on the corners, and the chives and rhubarb are in between the mums. Let me know if you like it.

The newly designed and cleaned up pine planter

I stopped by my local Extension Office and bought a pH kit to test the soil acidity around my home.  In August I took a couple of soil samples to the county fair where the Extension has a booth that tests pH.  The soil in our county is typically acidic.  So when the results of my soil sample where on the basic or alkaline side we were surprised.  I took several samples today, and the front of the house was what it should have been, as I moved to the back it became more basic.

You should pick up a kit.  They are simple to use and can help you know why your plants are being successful or not.

This is what you will find in the pH kit.

You first take a small sample of soil and place it in the cup about two-thirds full.

Put the soil in one of the cups

Then place one of the liquids in the cup.  Each liquid tells you what level it tests. Pick one you think is most likely.  If the results are close you will need to use the other one as well. Tap the side of the cup for about a minute and then let the liquid flow down into the well.

Here is results of one of my tests.
These are the results of my tests

The mystery of the pH continues. There are still questions to ask, and tests to be done to figure out why the pH is not what is should be.

The poll is still up for my new ending tag line. I look forward to your feedback.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


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