The Mailbox is Full of Dreams

Going the mailbox this weekend was exciting.  I received two seed catalogs.  Time to start dreaming and creating unrealistic expectations.  The first catalog I received was from Totally Tomatoes.  A new company to me I enjoyed looking through their catalog.

This is the cover of the Totally Tomatoes Catalog

From their company name you can guess their primary product is tomatoes. Additionally they have a good selection of peppers and a small, but nice, selection of other vegetables and fruits.

I found their two pages of tomato growing information helpful and practical.

This is part of the tomato growing instructions

They appear to have cultivars of tomatoes for a variety of growing situations.  If you struggle with a particular fungus or temperature issue then this catalog might be helpful.  Totally Tomatoes has developed cultivars to fight off a common tomato problems.

When I saw the Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog in the mailbox a smile came quickly to my face.

Each year this catalog makes me smile

I am biased, I know.  Johnny’s is a Maine company and I am originally from Maine; and  I like to support Maine companies.  On the other hand Johnny’s publishes more than a catalog its a growing guide as well.  I keep this catalog all year so I can refer back to it for growing information.

Everything is alphabetical, and clearly labeled. There is growing information and a picture of the seeds.

All items have this type of growing information

Johnny’s has been providing products for season extension over the past three years I have been receiving their catalog.  This year there appear to be more deliberate charts to help improve succession farming and season extension.

So now the fun begins.  Taking time to look through both catalogs.  Think about what I want to plant next Spring.  What to try for the first time?  What do I have to plant again?

What are you thinking about growing next year?  Are you excited about seed catalogs coming out? I encourage you to read your seed catalogs to learn, or refresh your memory, about how to best grow and harvest plants.  A good catalog will not only sell you seeds but help you be a better farmer.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


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