The Seed Order Arrival!

Saturday the snow came, we only got a few inches but enough to get the   out and play in the snow.  By mid-morning the snow  had stopped, and so had the  .  The sun was out, and I trekked over to the post office.  A good-sized box was there waiting for me.

My seed order arrived on the perfect day.

Maybe because my grandfather worked for the United States Post Office and its in the family genes, but I enjoy getting mail.  So when this box was there I was happy.  My entire order was there and it came so quickly, I put my order in on Tuesday.

When I ordered the black plastic mulch I was curious about how it would arrive and what information I would get with it.

The biodegradable black plastic mulch I ordered

The back of the package says it is made of “biodegradable product containing corn starch with out GMO” (GMO means genetically modified organism) so I will see how it works.  Black plastic mulch helps warm the soil, so in the spring my tomatoes and peppers will have warmer feet.  I plan to put soaker hose under the plastic to water the plants.  When the weather and soil warm up I will put straw over the plastic so in the heat of July it does not over heat the plants.  Hopefully, this will cut down on the weeding too.

Last fall I noticed cucumber beetles and some of my other plants had been effected by insects.  So to cut down on insect loss I bought some row cover.

This is the row cover I order to help with insects

It will take some practice to perfect my use of these row covers.  I want to make sure the bees and other pollinators can get in but keep the hungry insects out.

To help attract the insects I want I bought several flower mixes.

The three flowers mixes I ordered

Johnny’s also included a wild flower growing guide in my order.  Their growing guides are really helpful.  I file away each one at the end of a season so I can refer back to it the next Spring.

I look forward to have these flowers bordering my vegetable garden.

I was a bit surprised to see so many vegetable seed packets.  When I order I get caught up in dreaming and trying new things.  Well my experiments arrived and now I need to plan when to start my seedlings.

All the new veggie seed packets

I was particularly surprised by the size of popcorn packet.  Hopefully, I can do a good using these.  In about a month I will start the seeds that need more time to grow.  I really appreciate how Johnny’s lists germination information on the front.  From their labels I get the impression they take each batch seriously and do not give generic instructions.

On a different note, this week I was looking out the windows and saw the Slate Juncos were visiting the feeders again.  With such a warm and snow-free Winter the birds have not needed the feeders as often.  I was glad to see them visiting though.

A Slate Junco Hiding In One of Our Ornamental Trees

Have you ordered your seeds?  Do you start your garden from seed?  Do you still enjoy going to the mailbox?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


8 thoughts on “The Seed Order Arrival!

  1. Great post, Spencer! Thanks for bringing up the point about attracting beneficial insect by planting flowers; great advice for folks! I’ve been doing that for a while now and it definitely helps. Good luck coordinating your row cover schedule. Oh, and yes, I get excited by mail; as long as it’s not a bill! Really looking forward to receiving my seed package; should be arriving any day now.

    1. David, I hope you seed package arrives well and soon. I have a feeling you order a lot more than I do. My mom planted flowers in her garden because she liked them, now its the smart thing to do. She is often ahead of her time. I am glad to hear it helps, I have added flowers but this year it is more intense. I also think it will look nice, and I am really hoping I get a praying mantis to stop by.

  2. How exciting! I still enjoy getting packages too. I’m still in the process of ordering seeds. I’ve never ordered from Johnny’s Seeds, although I had started to make a list of tomato seeds to order. I ultimately went with Southern Exposure because their located in the mid-Atlantic, like me, and I thought the seeds would do well in my climate. Can’t wait to see how yours do.

    1. I am glad others out there like getting packages. I highly recommend just getting the Johnny’s catalog. They have great growing information and I will use it all season long. I do appreciate buying for specific climate, that is what I do. Check them out. I look forward to seeing how you do too.

  3. Very exciting indeed! Nice to get in the spirit of planning for the summer. I still (gulp) haven’t ordered all my seeds yet. Trying to be very, very frugal this year. I’m ordering from Fedco, Renee’s, and Johnny’s. Planning on winter sowing a lot of seeds to see what happens. It will be fun to see keep up with your popcorn this summer! So fun! Love that the juncos are around and feeding – a treat to see them. Are you winter sowing seeds? Starting indoors?

    1. Hi Aimee, I wouldn’t worry about not ordering yet. I get over zealous about my seed order. I was fortunate to receive gift cards so I hadn’t spent my own money yet. I am frugal as well, although some may call it stingy. I am really glad to know you are ordering from Johnny’s and Fedco. I am a native Mainer living out of state and love to see people support Maine companies, especially when they are the quality of Fedco and Johnny’s. I am not growing anything currently. We don’t eat a lot of greens, normally what I could grow here in the winter. I will be starting seeds in a couple of weeks, keeping reading for those posts!

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