Garlic, Chives, Rhubarb, Oh My!

I love talking weather with plant growers.  There is a depth to their questions and thoughts that the average person does not have.  Seventy degree weather is not normal here in Upstate NY, but surprises are.  So I am still cautious about putting plants out, but I can get a lot of work done with out several layers.

I spent Saturday morning at Reisinger’s Apple Orchard for their annual pruning workshop sponsored by Steuben and Schuyler County Cooperative Extension.  I learned a lot and missed even more. I hope to attend again next year to catch half of what I missed. If you are in the area check out their farm, they have a beautiful farm.

In the afternoon I attacked the red raspberry patch.  I cleaned out the leaves and debris.  I cut out any canes that were a year old, broken, or too small.  Then I tied all the canes to the trellis.  I like the “V-trellis” because it allows air to get between   the canes.

Here the canes are all tied up to the top of the trellis. These canes grew last year.
You can see the V-trellis here.

As I walked around the micro farm I noticed signs of new life coming up all around.  The chives and rhubarb were transplanted last fall, and are starting well in their new homes.

The chives coming up in their new home.
This rhubarb did not do well last year, so I am hoping it will be more success in its new home.

I also planted garlic cloves last fall.  Now in the second year of growing garlic I had I was able to plant more cloves this year.  I also will not have to transplant my garlic.

I am looking forward to see how the garlic harvest is this year.

I have a patch of volunteer onions or garlic, I am not sure what they are.

Do you know what these might be? I think they might be bunching onions

This week I have several little projects to get done around the micro farm this week. I hope you are enjoying the weather, and are getting outside.  What is growing outside your windows?  I hope you take a few minutes to see the Spring flowers peeking up under the brown.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.




3 thoughts on “Garlic, Chives, Rhubarb, Oh My!

  1. 70˚F is not normal here in Maine either, but we have had these temps for two days now. The trend is predicted to continue all week. Crazy weather!

    I like the way you trellised up your raspberries. I allowed mine to grow free last year but they were so heavy with fruit that this caused problems. I knew I wanted to provide them with support this year, but didn’t quite know how until I read this post. Thanks for the tip!

    Not sure about the mystery onions or garlic. The flat foliage has me wondering if they could possibly be garlic or maybe leeks?

  2. It’s funny how people don’t have to really pay attention to the weather anymore – except from their cars to their workplace and back. Gardeners, however, always are wondering how the weather is affecting their plants. It’s been hot here – way too hot for a lot of vegetables I didn’t get started in time. 😦 I’ll have to wait for a big fall garden! And remember next year to start thinking about the vegetable garden right after Christmas!

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