Out like a Lion?

March is still here, and this week will remind us what that means.  However, I was able to take advantage of the warm weather.   The garlic appeared to really take off during the heat. The straw was damp and wet underneath so I raked it off the garlic, and for a day or two the garlic received strong sun and last night some rain.

The garlic without it's straw bed, I will put it back on Monday.

Tomorrow the overnight low is supposed to be around 19 degrees Fahrenheit and it is supposed to be windy during the day, so I plan to loosely cover them up again to protect them from the wind and cold temperatures.  I am not sure if I need too, but I will be more cautious at this time of year.

Walking around my perennial herb beds I found lots strong and vigorous growth. I have three types of mint (spear, orange, and apple) doing well.  I also found my thyme, oregano, and winter savory doing well.  I had spread about 6 inches of straw on them last Fall and they wintered well.

Top left - oregano; Top right - winter savory; Bottom left - spearmint; Bottom right - thyme (a bit blurry)

Only the rosemary showed no sign of growth.  I should have brought it inside, but I chose not too.  If it comes back it will be because the Winter was so mild.

I was amazed to see the rhubarb leaves opening up so quickly.

No leaves a week ago, multiple leaves this week. I will give them some cover this week too.

I transplanted this rhubarb plant last Fall, because it was not doing well in the previous spot.  I hope with more shade from this tree it will not get the intensity of the sun.  I will not cut off any rhubarb this year, when you transplant rhubarb wait a year before you cut it so the plant can establish itself really well.

In the cellar the seedlings have been doing well.  Last year I had to restart several seedling after a mouse nibbled off several seedlings.  This year everything if going strong.

The celery and onion seedlings growing strong.
The tomatoes, tomatillos, and peppers growing strong.

The peppers have two to four true leaves, and the tomatoes are well on their way.  I do need to do some separating still.  I have not run the heater in a few days. The air around the seedlings has more moisture so I only water every other day or so.

I am thinking about starting my shallot seeds around April 1st.  Are you able to put anything into the garden?  How are your seedlings doing?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


2 thoughts on “Out like a Lion?

  1. Your seedlings look great – you should be set for a great crop! Our temps are supposed to be a little cooler here this week but still way above average. Can’t wait to plant the whole garden!

  2. Our temps are back to more seasonal. I for one, am glad for it. Your stuff is looking good, I did put peas in yesterday.

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