No Joking Around Here

The week started with very low temperatures compared to what we had been having.  The apple and grape farmers in my area were very nervous.  Time will tell how the weather has affected the fruit.  I re-covered my garlic and rhubarb. The coldest night I tarped my raspberry canes.  The wind quickly took off most of the tarp and the canes poked through the rest of the tarp so I removed them after that first night.

The raspberries under tarp

In the middle of the week my neighbor and I cut down a small nuisance tree.  It was growing in between our lilac row and was getting too tall to be so close to our homes.  I took some of the branches to make another pea trellis.

I start with a used pallet
I cut off the twigs and keep a long, single branch

Today the rain helped keep the young, branches flexible.

Then weave the branches between the boards of the pallet
Weave as many as you can. In this picture only on side is done.

Once I weave in branches on the other side I will place the pallet so the branches run up from the ground.  I also will put some 2 x 4 stakes into the ground and attach the pallet to them. I do not want the wind and weather to move the pallet.

I am hoping to get this pea trellis finished this week so I can put peas into the ground later this week.

I hope your plants survived the cold snap.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


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