Small Projects – Done!

My grand plans of planting peas and onion this weekend were thwarted.  With several nights of hard frosts forecast I held back.  I know these veggies can handle  a few frosts, but it seemed a bit too cold for me to put the seeds into the ground.  This week’s forecast is more promising so hopefully later in the week I can get some seeds into the ground.

I did take advantage of beautiful days to get some work done around the micro farm.  I emptied both compost bins and spread compost over the septic tank excavation area.

The compost bins empty, and drying out

There was a good-sized pile left over, so I let the bins dry out for two days.  Then I  pitch-forked the pile back into the bins.

Compost bins filled again and back to work

I typically clean out the bins in the Spring, and let everything breakdown for the year.  So next Spring I hope to put compost on the garden.

Last year I was frustrated by the spacing I left between some of my garden beds.  It was difficult to get the lawn mower between them and the over growth of vegetables made it difficult to weed-wack.  So I put down some black plastic and some brown mulch between several beds.  Hopefully, this will help keep the grass and weeds down and eliminate some mowing.  I also think it looks nice.  As I was weeding a few beds my knees appreciated the soft mulch so that is another benefit.

Me spreading mulch

I also installed my new pea trellis and moved my old pea trellis.  I practice crop rotation and am moving my peas to last year’s cucumber bed.  This year I hope to double my pea production.  I really enjoyed fresh peas last year, and hopefully I can grow enough to freeze some this year.

The new and old pea trellises in their home for this summer.

So I did not get much plant work done this week.  What I did get done was a lot of fun, and I am really happy with how it looks.  I also spent a few minutes enjoying that for the first time in two years I am not tearing up sod for the micro farm.  While I do not mind cutting sod to put in a new bed, I also am enjoying putting on the small touches you can not do when big projects take priority.

What are you doing this Spring, big projects or small?  What project do you wish you could be doing this Spring?  Have you put compost on your garden yet?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


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