Weeds Sweet as Honey

As I write this post my county is under a “Winter Storm Warning”.  Western parts of my county may receive up to 8 inches of snow, yes snow, by tomorrow afternoon.  Most of the snow will be to the west of me and in the higher elevations.  Most likely we will just see flakes, but on April 22nd or 23rd it is rare to see anything like this.  I think the Spring weeks got mixed up some how.

Regardless of the weather I have been working in the various beds to prepare the Micro Farm for when the weather does come around.  On Friday I planted a square foot of radishes and parsnips.  The radishes should be done in about 20 days, but the radishes will not germinate for two to three weeks.

Two square feet of seeds planted. I left room for a one foot border of flowers around the outside of the bed.

Early in the week the weather was warm enough I brought the seedling up from the basement and put them in the cold frame.

The seedlings enjoying the warmth and feel of real sunshine

I, maybe hastily, removed the straw from the strawberries.  I saw lots of good, young growth.   Only one strawberry plant had flowers or buds, it will not survive this next cold snap but fortunately it is only one.  The black and yellow raspberries are starting to sprout up.  Without flowers they should have no problem for with the weather.

Bottom Left: Strawberries; Top Left: Yellow Raspberries; Right: Black Raspberries

I mulched the last two spots I had planned for this year.  I hope the mulch will help cut down on mowing and weed trimming.

Top: The small triangle is newly mulched, and really hard to mow. Bottom: This area is between the square garden and a new flower bed.

The last adventure this week was making dandelion jelly. I must confess quickly that I did not last long in this adventure.  I found out I react strongly to dandelions.  So Mrs. Miller and Sarah finished everything.  I had heard it tasted like honey, and it does.  I did wonder if honey tastes like dandelions because they are so plentiful for the bees, but who knows.

The dandelion jelly all canned and ready to eat.

I found this recipe on Aspendale Farm’s blog click here to check it out. I would encourage you to check out their website.  You can also check out their podcast called Small Home Farming.  They we kind enough to talk about Cohocton River Rock Micro Farm on a recent podcast you can hear it here.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


4 thoughts on “Weeds Sweet as Honey

  1. I couldn’t believe it when I saw “Nor’easter” in the weather forecast for New England. We are supposed to just get some much needed rain here in Maine.

    I am beginning to have a newfound fondness for the dandelion. I like the greens in salad and I want to try to make dandelion wine this year. The dandelion jelly looks really good too. Sorry you are allergic to it.

    1. I enjoy dandelion greens, and I have had family friends who have made wine. I am allergic to the flowers, but the jam is pretty tasty. I love that weed can become valuable and appreciated.

  2. Ooooo… sorry you are allergic! Not a fun way to find out, I am sure! We made batch #1 of our dandelion jelly tonight! We’ll do a second batch in a few days! Looks like things are really hopping at CRRMF!

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