Summer then Winter then Spring…what is next?

The week started like this…

We received several inches of snow. Local schools closed, but that was the beginning of the week.

Today the weather is warm and toasty…

Sunshine filled today.

Tonight a freeze or frost is forecast, but later in the week we should warm up nicely.  I chose not to leave the plants in the cold frame last week because the temperatures were so low and there was little sun.  As the temperatures increase this week I will be employing the cold frame again.

I planted  a set of carrots and a couple of short rows of lettuce today, they will not be effected by the freeze expected tonight.

I squeezed in two short rows of lettuce between the to trellises of peas.

I also planted another set of radishes, parsnips,  and peas.  While preparing to plant two rows of carrots in the square garden rows I realized I had room for an unplanned row. That meant I have three extra rows and I started to dream about what I could put in my extra rows.  I went through my seedling inventory, and realized I had more celery seedlings than I originally planned. So the extra rows will be filled with celery.

With the middle row of the square garden filled up with radishes, parsnips, onions, and carrots I needed a more efficient watering system.  I snaked a soaker hose through the middle section and gave everyone a nice long, slow drink.  Compared to watering with a watering can the soaker hose gets the water to the right spot and nothing extra is watered.  I also do not have to make a hundred trips back and forth to the house for water.

I tested the hose and everything worked well. There is a planned row of flowers in this bed so I left enough hose to water them.
You can see the hose working. The yellow onions are popping up, and getting a drink.

Despite the cooler temperatures other plants on the Micro Farm are growing well.

The red raspberry leaves are starting to fill in nicely.
One row of peas is out of the ground. One has not come up yet, but the seeds are germinating.

I checked on the row that has not come up yet, and found a pea seed with  a root developing.  I am not sure if they have received different amounts of water or sun, I think they are planted deeper than the other row.

The strawberries have been looking a bit thin to me.

Do they look thin to you? Last fall this entire bed was covered in leaves.

I notice several stems with no leaves on them, and there appeared to be a clean cut at the top of the stem.  I saw a rabbit in the neighbor’s lawn last night, so that means there are several rabbits in the area.  I think they have been lopping off my strawberry leaves.  I am going to watch this week and see what happens, hopefully the weather will spur on some strong  strawberry growth.

This Spring has been a roller coaster of temperatures.  I would like to receive more rain so we do not go into June dry.  Maybe May showers will bring June flowers this year.  Regardless of the temperature fluctuations and the dry weather I have been able to get a lot of items on the to-do list done.  I am pleased with how the Micro Farm looks now.  Check back with me in July when the weeds have taken over again.  I have enjoyed being in the garden a lot this Spring.  I hope you get an afternoon or more to spend outside.  Soak up the beauty and newness of Spring.  It is a time of hope and anticipation. A time of when we can enjoy and dream.  Do not let this unique, and wonderful, Spring pass you by.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


4 thoughts on “Summer then Winter then Spring…what is next?

  1. We’ve had a ton of weird weather, too, which has made it difficult to know when to plant. Oh well. We do the best we can!

    1. I am being a stickler and waiting for the traditional frost free date. If its 70 for two weeks I’ll stick by tradition. I have cool weather crops in the ground that don’t mind a few cool or cold nights or days.

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