Onions, Blueberries, and a Side of Mulch

I only came inside today for supper.  The weather was beautiful and being outside was all joy and no work at all.

The seedlings have spent the entire week outside in the cold frame and are doing really well.  I am planning on putting my warm weather plants into the soil Saturday.  My frost-free average date is in late May or early June.  Looking at the forecasts the weather looks promising.  I am also going to be using black plastic mulch that will help keep the warm loving plants happy.

I purchased two bales of straw today to help mulch around my onions and garlic.  The rain has been so finicky this Spring and I have been worried about how to keep the plants with plenty of water.

You can see the garlic mulched and the soaker hose.

The soaker hose runs under the straw mulch.  As the water weeps out of the soaker hose the mulch slows down evaporation, helping the plants get more of the water.

I did the same with the onion sets.

The row of onions is at the top of this picture.

There are three rows of onion sets, but only one is watered through with a soaker hose.  That row is doing slightly better than the one seen in the picture above.

I have had a lot of fun watching my onion from seed this year. I have not had success before this year.  Today I put them into the ground.

The onion seedlings I planted this afternoon

I recently read a very good blog post about planting onion seedlings.  I confess I did not plant them with much detail.  I put them in and lightly tapped them in, I did not want them packed in to tightly.  I want the to bulb out nicely.

I was also excited to see the shallots starting to pop up.  The shallots were directly seeded into the ground a couple of weeks ago.  A smile comes to my face when seeds with long germination process come up.

A new shallot coming up out of the ground

I spent some time with the blueberries today.  My soil test told me the pH of my soil is very high for blueberries.  If I do not do something to amend the pH the blueberries will likely die.  So today I stopped by the garden center today and picked up a bag of sulfur.

One of the blueberry bushes and the bag of sulfur.

Sulfur moves through the soil and in about three months I will need to apply more.  I made sure to follow the directions on the back of the bag.  The directions are important you want to help your plants not hurt them by not following the directions.  Remember when working with chemical or fertilizers in the garden more is usually not a good thing, use the correct amount your plants will be much  happier.

I hope you are able to get out and enjoy being outside.  I hope you are enjoying getting your hands dirty in the garden.  I am looking forward to tasting the fruits of my labor in just a few weeks.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


10 thoughts on “Onions, Blueberries, and a Side of Mulch

  1. We enjoyed some sunshine after a long spell of drizzly cool days. Most time outside was spent on yard cleanup, mowing, and trimming. I wanted to plant the rest of my potatoes, but the ground was too wet.

    1. When we have those cool, overcast, and drizzly days I am reminded of being at home in Maine. So I go outside and enjoy some yard clean up. I am going to try potatoes in buckets this year. This will be my first attempt at potatoes.

  2. So glad you were honest about not planting your onions with much detail. I didn’t either, though I think you took greater care than I did! I put some bulbs in the ground late last summer or early fall and then sort of forgot about them. Now we have a nice little onion patch with lovely green shoots and I see the tops of bulbs starting to poke through the ground. It smells great! Looking forward to seeing your onion harvest.

    1. We have a good Northeast USA Winter here. I would love to be able to get my onions in earlier but the ground is often not ready. I have been thinking about putting some onions in the Fall, like my garlic, but I am not sure if they would be better. Maybe I will experiment this year?

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