Rosemary, Radishes, and Berries

Last weekend I risked putting my tomatoes, peppers, and tomatillos into the ground two weeks before our average last frost date. One night the temperatures dipped into the mid-30s, but the plants were covered and almost everything survived.

I lost this pepper sometime this week.

This was the weakest pepper planted last week.  I think the heat and sun did more damage than one cold night.  There are still seventeen pepper plants so we will still have lots to eat and preserve.

The week was full of sun and warm temperatures.  The Micro Farm has been growing visibly everyday.

This past week the red raspberries started to flower.  The pollinating insects have been hard at work.

The red raspberry flowers have come and gone so quickly

Beside the raspberries in the berry patch are the strawberries.  A few of my original plants died over the winter, but their younger plants are doing well.  On Tuesday I noticed a young strawberry so when the cold night came I made sure to cover them up as well.

Top Left – Flowers, and strong plants; Right – Young berries; Bottom Left – Center area were the plants died, left and right strong plants

I purchased four bronze fennel plants at the Halycon Place Bed and Breakfast this past weekend.  Their Annual Herb Festival is always very nice.  To learn more about the event and the bed and breakfast click here.

They look great in the early evening light.

Last year I planted two rosemary plants in the herb garden.  I tried to over winter them but knew it was unlikely to work.  They prefer a much warmer Winter.  So in the winter I started five new rosemary plants.  I have been really happy with their progress and decided they need to go outside.  I transplanted them into a larger pot.  Dug a hole, and buried the pot.

Top Left – Transplanted rosemary; Left – The hole and the pot ready to be buried; Bottom Left – All potted up and ready for the Summer

Before the ground freezes I will dig them up and bring them inside.  If you want to be a rosemary babysitter for the Winter let me know.  You can have free fresh rosemary.

Sarah and I cut a couple of two by fours for the additional post for the tomatillos and tomatoes.

These posts will be used in the Florida Weave trellis method

The radishes and the flower bed we planted last week are coming up and doing well.

The radishes doing well. If you have grown radishes before I would love some advice about when to pull them.
The flower bed sprouting.

Hot days, warm nights, and rain this week will keep me busy.  The plants will grow big and strong, but so will the weeds.  I will have a lot of work to do.  Spending time will be such a sacrifice…I guess I will have to do it. Oh well.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


2 thoughts on “Rosemary, Radishes, and Berries

  1. Looking good. I always feel bad when the rosemary doesn’t make it. I was in Albuquerque NM a few years back and it was planted as shrubs in parking lot, they were 3-4 feet tall and wide. I was quite envious! Radishes take 3-4 weeks, they will “bulb up” and it should be evident. Incidentally – unless the greens are damaged by insects, they are a nice addition to a stir-fry. Use the whole thing!

    1. Thanks so much for the radish info. I agree about the rosemary. I knew I should have brought it in, but oh well. Now I am envious too. I love learning about how plants are used in different areas. I have a neighbor who has one as a small shrub, but not nearly that big.

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