Ups and Downs

Saturday Sarah and I traveled to Penn Yan, NY to pick strawberries. We picked at a very nice Mennonite farm.  We pick 18 quarts in about 40 minutes.  The strawberry patch is located on top of hill just north of Keuka Lake.  The weather was beautiful making a fantastic location even better.  The berries were plentiful and a great size.

The strawberries we picked Saturday. Jam is forthcoming.

This week the chipmunks finished off a couple of plants.  They got one of the five rosemary plants.

This is all I was left with, a pot and some potting soil.

The smallest blueberry bush had its few small leaves nibbled off.  I think it was a chipmunk, maybe a rabbit, but the chipmunks are more plentiful.

It did have a couple of leaves, this time last week.

They have also been nibbling on the few strawberries I have.  Next year I will put up some fencing.

Several crops around the Micro Farm are doing well.

Four rows of onions doing well.
These peas need to be picked early this week
The popcorn is doing well. Some seeds did not germinate.  I will take plants from spaces were multiple seeds germinated to fill in the gaps.

This week I started the Florida weave on the tomatoes.  I spent a while just looking at everything trying to think everything through.  I knew the first run of twine needed to especially tight to create a strong base for the tomatoes.  I am happy, so far, with the first run.

Here are the three rows of tomatoes. Can you see the flower?

One hill of cucumbers did not come up, so I planted some more seed.  Today two plants had come up.

Two young cucumber plants. Can you see the small on the left side?

Walking around tonight I noticed the weeds are coming back.  Hopefully, between strawberry jam making sessions I can get out and pull a few.  I was enjoying being around the farm this evening as the sun was setting.

A beautiful evening on the Micro Farm

I wish I could write more, but I think today’s heat is getting to my brain.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


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