Celebration, Travels, and Growth

This week I was able to celebrate at the wedding of two friends in Spring Arbor, Michigan.  After such a wonderful weekend this post will be a bit shorter.

This week we turned about five quarts of the strawberries we picked into jam, and that totalled 18 half-pints of jam.  We decided we wanted to make another batch of jam, so I found a local u-pick farm and picked another four quarts.  We made two pint jars of jam and five half-pints.  There will be many delicious peanut butter and jam sandwiches this year.

I started to pick peas this week and they are delicious.

One picked pod, to check the size and readiness of the peas. Climbing the trellis more peas waiting to be picked.
This is the first harvest. More to come this week.

I also harvested lettuce and greens which made a delicious salad.

Wonderful leaf lettuce. Tender and delicious

I tried to harvest what I could before leaving for the weekend.  I will need to get into the garden tomorrow to harvest anything that is ready or just a bit past ready.

Even though its mid-June I still have some planting to do.  I planted pumpkins this week.  I wait until my corn is up for a couple of weeks and then plant my pumpkins.  I plant my pumpkins and corn in the same areas to use the Three Sisters method of planting. However, if I plant both at the same time the pumpkins quickly shade out the corn.  Waiting a couple of weeks gives the corn the time it needs to compete with the pumpkins.

The seed packet for my pumpkins. This pumpkin variety make great pies.

Walking through the beds I noticed two developments.  I was really excited to the green growth from the potatoes.

By the time I left for the wedding all six plants had started to push up through the soil.

The peppers have been growing well recently.  There are lots of new leaves developing.  I suspect with the warm days they are going to grow a lot faster.

Lots of new leaves, yeah

Hopefully the chipmunks and rabbits have not done damage to the garden, but I will see after a thorough investigation.  Lots of driving to do so I will stop here.  I hope your plants are growing strong.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


2 thoughts on “Celebration, Travels, and Growth

  1. This is probably my favorite time of year in the vegetable garden! I love fresh snap peas and all the strawberries! It’s great to finally be harvesting fresh food again!

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