Rutabaga, Raspberry, and Rest

The Micro Farm was a special place of solace this week.  A number of difficult and challenging things happened around me.  So going into the gardens to work was good.

I have been amazed how quickly the plants are growing.  We have not had rain in several days. Hopefully, Monday morning will bring some showers.

Pumpkin and rutabaga seeds were planted late, but are coming up well.

The pumpkins are starting to come up.
Two of the rutabagas coming up around the soaker hose.
The popcorn is coming up well. Please do not look at all the weeding I have to do.

I planted the onion sets earlier this year and I its really paying off.

These are yellow onions and are growing really well. Now they just need to “bulb” out nicely.

The tomatillos and tomatoes are starting to flower.

I am starting to see more bees around the tomatoes.
I really like the tomatillo flowers. Looks like there should be good salsa this year

I ran a second course of twine around the tomatoes.  I think the Florida Weave is working well.  I took a before and after picture.  Tell me what you think.

The top is before and the bottom if after. I notice the difference as I try to walk between the rows.

Raspberries are coming on strong.

Lots of raspberries to come!
I picked about 1/2 pint of raspberries today, more to come.

That is all for this week.  I hope you are eating fresh vegetables and fruit from your garden or local farmer’s market.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


3 thoughts on “Rutabaga, Raspberry, and Rest

  1. Those raspberries look luscious! The rain situation is very bad here. Less than 1/2″ since May 9th, and very hot. Lots of hand watering daily. Hope whatever is going on works itself out for the best.

  2. Garden looks great Spencer! I wish you could see the campus garden here. I took a walk through it this morning and talked to one of the student workers. They are doing some really innovative things and it looks awesome!

  3. a bird flew in thru my office window today and pooped all over the window sill when he couldn’t get out. then he finally made his way out again. on another note, I’m jealous of your gardens and the time you have to spend in them. good therapy!

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