Flowers, Water, and Transitions

The Micro Farm has not avoided the heat this past week.  I have been watering almost every evening.  So far the black plastic mulch and the soaker hoses have been impressive.  The combination really slows evaporation down.  I have been watering each area for about 25 minutes, but using less than half of the water pressure I use when I water with my normal spray nozzle.

I use this timer to help me remember when to turn off the water. It also helps me make sure all areas get the same amount of water.

I noticed the first tomatoes tonight.  There are several small tomatoes on the heirloom tomatoes.  The standard beefsteak tomatoes will have first fruits in a week or two.

I found at least three of these tomatoes. Consistent watering will help them grow large and avoid blossom end rot.

As the tomatoes are starting up the garlic is starting to slow down.

The garlic is starting to change color.

As the days start to shorten the garlic gets closer to being ready to harvest.  The leaves start to yellow.  The lower leaves will turn yellow or brown and wilt.  Soon we will have great home-grown garlic.

I have three hills of pumpkins.  I have reduced my pumpkin plants over the past two years.  This will be the fewest plants I have grown since I still have pumpkin in the freezer from last year I should be ok.  These pumpkins make great pies.

I noticed a cucumber beetle on one of these plants. I am glad to have the cucumbers covered with insect netting.

In the herb garden parsley, fennel, dill, and oregano are doing really well.

Oregano flowers in the foreground with dill in the background. It smells so great.

In the native flower bed the Oswego Tea is flowering.  It is a fantastic flower.

This plant can grow to five feet tall. It will be a wonderful anchor in the back of the flower bed.

In the flower bed that attracts bees and other beneficial insects the flowers are starting to bloom.  Hopefully, they will attract an insect that can get rid of the cucumber beetle.

What will these attract?

I was able to pick almost two pints of raspberries this afternoon.  That four pints so far.  I picked the last of the peas. They do not like the heat at all.  I will plant another crop in the Fall.

The raspberries go into the freezer. When we have enough we will make jam. This batch of peas will likely go into the freezer too.

I hope you are staying cool and hydrated during this hot spell.  The weather forecast has little rain in the next ten days.  I am hoping my irrigation system will help conserve water during this dry time.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


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