Relief and Bulbs

This past week of heat and humidity had me running inside as often as possible.  I do not do well in the heat.  I was able to water the Micro Farm in the morning or late evening.  I was amazed to only have to water every other day…the mulch and straw held that much water in the soil.

Water conservation is always a concern because our water source is a shallow well.  So using soaker hoses, black plastic mulch, and straw has been very helpful. The soakers put the water right at the base of the stem and the roots.  Water is not wasted spraying around or landing on leaves and dripping away.  In dry times like these I am happy to not waste water.

The herb, fruit, and cuke beds do not have soaker hoses.  So I have decided to recycle a few plastic jugs and re-purpose them.

This week I will put a couple of small holes in them and then fill them with water. The hope is that the water will slowly drip out.

I hope they will act like soaker hoses, but more mobile.

I always struggle about when is to early to plant or too late.  Many of the carrots and parsnips I planted did not grow.  So I planted a few seeds this week and covered them with straw so they do not dry out.

The seed packets, and a garlic bulb I pulled to determine its progress.

The garlic will be ready to harvest this week.  Re-reading the Johnny’s Selected Seeds garlic growing guide I saw the bottom leaves are brown and the top leaves are during yellow.

The yellowing leaves are a good sign they are ready to harvest. Then a couple of weeks of drying before they are ready.

Weeding around the onions I noticed how they were “bulbing up” very well.

You can see them bulbing up if you look closely. I am excited about having a good-sized onions this year.

The beefsteak tomatoes, peppers, and cukes arrived this week

A few young beefsteaks have arrived. I will need to run another string this week to help keep them up.
A couple of these peppers have popped up. They sure do love the heat
These are really great pickling cukes. They will make great dill pickles with the dill growing in the herb garden.

Lots to do this week.  With the cooler weather tonight I was able to get caught up with the weeding.  Hopefully, this week I will be able to get some more projects tackled.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


2 thoughts on “Relief and Bulbs

    1. Thanks David. Good question I am going to try it tonight. The milk just I think I might just loosen the cap. The 5 gallon water jugs I think I will…I’ll let you know how it goes.

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