Pepper, Cukes, and Flowers

The Micro farm got a good, long drink on Friday.  The rain started early and was off and on most of the day.  It was not enough rain to turn all the brown grass – green but I did not have to water.

As I drive around I see a lot of corn that is short or tassling low to the ground.  My popcorn, and my neighbor’s, is doing well.

I tried to take this at level shoulder height. This is a shot of the tallest bunch. The shorter are just about shoulder height.

Have you had sweet corn this summer?  Some how I have missed out so far.  Something I will have to add to the grocery list.  I have felt successful at giving my corn the necessary water it needs.  Corn requires a lot of water.  My corn is planted through black plastic mulch which slows the evaporation of any water.

I planted pie pumpkins late this year. The three plants are doing well.

Two of three pumpkin plants. They are starting to send out vines.

In the same bed as the corn and pumpkins there were several tomato volunteers. I pulled most of them but left one to see what variety it was and what i would get.

This volunteer is doing well. It from the grape tomatoes I grew last year.

I am curious to see if they taste good.  I do not remember if the variety I grew last year is a hybrid or not.  If it is a hybrid I will get either the mother or the father, and I will not know until they are done growing.  I am hoping both parents are tasty varieties.

After taking off the insect barrier the cucumbers have filled in.  I was so surprised to see several cucumbers about this size.

These are just about the size for pickling!

Another variety of peppers popped up this week.

Although these peppers look hot most of them are sweet.

It looks like it will be a good pepper harvest this year.

I planted several types of wild flowers that attract beneficial insects, butterflies, and bees.  They are very beautiful.  I have tried take pictures that fully show their beauty.  After a few attempts today, I realized my photography skills are not up to this monumental task.

These are just a few of the flowers. There are so many colors. I hope I can represent a small part of their beauty.

After a quieter week at the Micro Farm I think this week will be busier.  Clearly, there are peppers and cukes to pick.  What are you picking at your home.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


4 thoughts on “Pepper, Cukes, and Flowers

  1. The garden looks good after a nice drink of rain. I swear sometimes cucumbers can grow right before your very eyes. Keep taking pictures of your flowers and you will improve. I’m not expert, but I do try to improve my photography skills every chance I get. The best advice I was given was to keep the sun at your back, but try different angles from the side for more dramatic shadows and contrast. Keep practicing and once and a while you will get a shot that will wow you. Have fun.

  2. The garden is looking good. I have a few cukes, but I want a boat load for pickles. I know how you feel with the pictures, my photography skills need work too.

  3. Loved the walk through your garden! It made my mouth water. Parsnips – my favorite. Didn’t see any beets? The raspberry post are a beautiful architectural addition. Love it! So happy that I can share in it through your blog. Would love to have you sit in my garden for awhile too. The weeds get away from me quick. Had to hire some help last week. But for this moment it looks good. It changes every day.

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