The Beauty of Life

The end of last week brought strong thunder storms and even tornados to the area.  One of my neighbor’s birch trees was hit by lightning.  Fortunately, all the crops at the Micro Farm held their own and relieved no damage.

I purchased several locust posts in the Spring and the weeds have been growing up through the stack.  The raspberries have been bending over and needing some guidance.  Today I decided I would start the project.  I borrowed a ten pound sledge-hammer from my neighbor.  He also suggested using my truck tailgate to hold the post and have a solid base to work from.

Using the truck to hold the post and use the bed to pound the post into the ground was a great suggestion.

After all four posts were put into the ground.  I ran twine around the outside of the posts and pulled the black raspberry canes up to rest on the twine.

The posts installed and the canes trellised. I really like the look of these posts.

I recently planted parsnip and carrot seeds and noticed they have started to come up.

A carrot seedling poking up through the soil and straw mulch
A couple of parsnip seedlings. After the first planting I know what they look like, and don’t pull them as weeds.

I finally harvested onions last week.  I pulled the onions that had fallen over but left the ones that were still standing upright.  The harvested onions went on a screen to dry.  They will sit there for several days to dry out.  Then after they are sufficiently dried I will put them into a five or ten pound onion bag.

There are yellow, white, and red onions drying on the screen.

I also trimmed of the tops and bottoms of the garlic.  I am going to give them a few days to dry and then put them in a basket in the basement.

The trimmed garlic getting the chance to dry for a few more days.

Earlier in the week I noticed a potato flower, and then today I noticed another.

One of the of the potato flowers

I have been harvesting cucumbers this week.  Last week I was able to pull one or two a day.  This week I think I will need to harvest a few more than one a day.

The harvested cucumbers from this past week.

This evening Sarah and I stood in the garden tonight.  It felt like we were in a different world.  The sound of the highway faded away, and the sound of the birds and insects took over.  The beauty of being in a garden touched a special place in our spirits.  It was a wonderful moment.  I hope you are able to escape to your garden this week.  I hope you can stop for a minute or two and enjoy to beauty of garden, not just what your garden produces, but the beauty of the life there.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of Life

  1. Love those posts! Smart idea about using the truck as a third hand – and a ladder! I think right at dusk, when the insects get loud, and the stars start to wink down upon us, is a very magical time outside. The beauty of life. I love how you put it.

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