Running on Fumes

I returned to the Micro Farm on Saturday evening after driving back from our visit and vacation in Maine.  It was a wonderful time. I learned more about my family history and visited where my great-great grandparents farm was, and learned about their farm.

I went cautiously into the beds this afternoon to see what I could see.  I also needed to harvest several items so I could submit them to the fair this week.  The Pruden’s Purple tomatoes are huge.

Several of these were submitted to the fair. I’ll know later this week how I did.

Fortunately, four rutabagas grew because I needed all four to submit them to the fair.

My first time growing rutabagas. I wonder how they will do at the fair.

I pulled several parsnips as well.  I think they look a bit small. Their maturity date is about 120 days.  They look good just small. Another first so I feel good about how they are doing so far.

The parsnips I submitted to the fair. These are supposed to have their tops left on.

That was my first look.  After taking my submissions to the fair I went back into the beds and explored more.  Wow, did I miss a lot at first.

I missed all this the first round.

More tomatoes that were hiding in the back.  Peppers, tomatillos, cucumbers.  It is a big box.  Now, to the eating! I am not sure I even know where to start.

After hearing that food prices are going to be going up this Fall and Winter, I have been thinking about what I can plant now to harvest later this Fall.  I know I will need to get the hoops up for the Fall crops.

What will you plant for Fall harvests?  Are you concerned about food prices coming up?

I’m running on fumes and need to get some rest so this post is short.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.




2 thoughts on “Running on Fumes

  1. Sounds like you had a great trip! I just came back from a long weekend in Maine where I attended a family wedding. It was only my second time in Maine and I loved it. It’s such a pretty and unique part of the country. To answer your questions–I’m a bit concerned about food prices, especially because my personal harvest hasn’t been as good this year as in past years, so I feel like I’m losing money in my own garden and still having to buy things at markets. Good luck at the fair! Your harvest looks fantastic!

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