A “Fairly” Successful Year

There have been ups and downs this week at the Micro Farm.  We really enjoyed attending our County Fair.  I could not believe how excited I was to see how my submissions faired.

Top left – Strawberry Jam, third place; Middle left – Parsnips, first place; Center top row – Dill Hamburger Slices, second place; Top right – Pickled Beets, third place; Bottom left – Tomatoes, third place; Bottom right – Garlic, third place

The competition was very strong this year.  We enjoyed walking around and seeing everyone’s hard work.  I am always impressed by everyone’s creativity and attention to detail.

I finished putting in my raspberry trellis posts today.  Their rustic look fits well at the Micro Farm.  I am also happy to have the pile of posts cleaned up.

I really like the look of these posts. I am glad I do not have to put in more.

I do need to add a few strings to help the raspberry canes grow up.

I have been curious to know how my potatoes were doing.  They appeared to be doing well, but being the first time I have grown them I needed a benchmark.  I pulled up one plant and found them to be doing well but need more time.

There were several small ones and a few larger ones

The popcorn is doing well.  I am really interested to see how the kernels look.

Being in the corn today was very fun. The wind blew and the sound and feel of the corn was wonderful

Sometimes things at the Micro Farm do not work the way I expected them to.  I knew I had a problem with Cucumber Beetles, but I had hoped I the insect barrier I used would help prevent any problems.  The insect barrier did help, but there was just too much disease pressure this year.

As you can see the cucumbers are not doing so well.

They are dying from a bacteria, and as so as I pull of the last of the remaining cucumbers I will burn the all the plant parts.  After handling the vines and roots I will wash my hands to make sure I do not spread the disease to any other plants.

After doing some research on my plant variety I learned it had been discontinued because it was very sensitive to bacteria.  Next year I will select a variety better suited to handle bacteria diseases.  Seed companies publish what disease strains the plant is resistant too, you will often find a list of letters on the seed or variety information.  Take the time to investigate what disease your plants are resistant too, it can make a big difference in production.  Select varieties that will resist the diseases in your area.

I hope your harvest is big this year.  Are you having trouble with bacteria or insects?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



2 thoughts on “A “Fairly” Successful Year

  1. Wow! Congrats on all those ribbons from the fair! I’ve been curious about my sweet potatoes. I guess the only way to find out is to dig some up! I didn’t know about the listing of the disease resistance on the seeds. Good to know!

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