The Old and The New

This time of year we are commonly canning a lot.  Last week was no different.  We made a batch of raspberry jam and finished fourteen day pickles today.  The pickles are a process, but totally worth all the work.  Tomorrow we will can them, and let them sit and finish in the jars for a few weeks.  We also have plans to start more recipes to can this week. Thinking ahead we have raspberries in the freezer for jam next week.

I spent sometime this week working on the black raspberries.  I have struggled to get them under control since planting them.  Now that I have a good trellis up, I decided to trim and get them a bit under control.

This picture is an example of what they looked like before trimming.
This is what they look like after a trim. I need to tie them to the trellis

After tying them to the trellis I think they will be better.  It is good to get them untangled and to remove dead pieces.

While I had to pull four tomato plants last week.  I still have eight tomato plants doing well.  These heirlooms are vigorous and productive.

This tomato is just turning red

My peppers are doing well with the heat during the day and warm evenings.

This variety will turn red if left on the vine long enough.

Reading Eliot Coleman’s Four Season Harvest has inspired me to think about extending my typical growing season.  I planted another four, short rows of peas.  The packet says they will be ready in 51 days.  Hopefully we will not have a hard frost until late in October.

Peas do not mind the cold too much so hopefully I will have fresh fall peas.

Ordering seeds and planting is not something I typically do at this time of year.  Four Season Harvest “inspiration” continues.  I plan to plant some of the seeds outside, but others I plan to put into my cold frame.

I have two window boxes and a six-inch plant pot in the cold frame.

The plan is to use this cold frame to help grow some fresh vegetables this Winter. It will be an experiment.  I am not sure how it will go, but I will try.  I have been learning a lot about what can grow in cooler weather, and what will hold up during cool weather.  I am looking forward to this experiment.

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.


One thought on “The Old and The New

  1. Spencer, I love a good experiment! I was looking at packages of seeds yesterday and trying to calculate if there is enough time. We’re only about 45 days from frost so that only leaves (no pun intended) spinach, fall radish and maybe kale to start. Hope you peas produce. Pun intended.

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