Preparation and Harvest

Sorry for not posting last week.  I was in Maine visiting family and trying to get a few projects done around the house.

When I got back to the Micro Farm I was eager to see how my Fall plantings were doing.  I was not disappointed.

Top Left – young cabbages; Top Right – bunching onions; Bottom Left – cold frame crops; Bottom Right – cold frame basil.

You can see the condensation on the inside of the cold frame.  It keeps everything very warm.  I am amazed at how well the basil is performing in the cold frame. As the cooler weather progresses I am interested to see how it performs.

I pulled the two pots of rosemary this weekend.  I need to wash the pots off and bring them inside.  They have done well this Summer, and I want them to continue to grow.

These two pots will come inside. Rosemary does not do well in the cold.

I was able to harvest a few items from the garden this week.  I picked four shallots.

These are my first shallots. They have a good size and look forward to tasting them.
I was able to get another bowl of yellow raspberries. They are productive this year.

There should be several more bowls of yellow raspberries this year.  There will also be a small Fall red raspberry harvest as well.

I worked on a couple of projects this week.  My neighbor was kind enough to rake some of their leaves over to my lawn.  I mulched them with my lawn mower and worked them into a couple of rows.

It may not look like much. Hopefully, it will turn in to something special next Spring.

The second project was another preparation for next Spring.

The plastic areas will be new beds will be next year.

My plan was to create two new beds, a large and a small bed.  The large bed will be in regular rotation with the other large beds.  Every year one large bed will be taken “offline” and planted with a cover crop.  The smaller bed will be planted with lots of different crops.  Talking with our Extension agent she suggested I not cut the turf off for my new beds.  She noted the nitrogen in the grass would be helpful.

So this year I am smothering the grass with tarps.  In the Spring I will be able to turn the soil over easily without having to cut turf. We will see how things go.

There is a frost advisory for tonight.  The low is supposed to be 37 (F).  Local history tells me, here, at the Micro Farm we will not have a frost at that temperature.  Regardless, cooler weather is here.  Will it stay?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.




3 thoughts on “Preparation and Harvest

  1. I was thinking about you guys tonite…yellow raspberries…never have seen or tasted. Going to Peaks for a week and then starting my sculpture..



  2. Odd Spencer, I thought I left you a comment. In any event – this looks like a good season for you, How big are those shallots?

    1. It has been a good season. Despite the dry weather everything has been productive. The shallots are the size of small onions. Maybe a couple of inches in diameter. They are bigger than the ones I saw in the grocery store this past week. I hope they are not too bing.

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