Popcorn, peas, peppers, parsley, and possibilities

Today the annual Wineglass marathon and the Wineglass half-marathon came through our community.  Approximately, 4,000 runners and their supporters went through our town. It was inspirational. From the first person to the last I admired their dedication and perseverance.  From about 10 to 11 am it was very difficult to drive through the “center” of town as the largest “pack” of runners came into town.  I was thrilled so many people were able to visit our little town. If you are a runner you should check out these races. The Wineglass marathon is a wonderful event in a beautiful part of the country, and a relatively flat course.

My neighbor has been growing popcorn for a couple of years.  I have been watching and waiting to harvest my popcorn when he does.  Talking with him this week he said he had been waiting for me to harvest my popcorn.  We had a good laugh about waiting for each other.

Several good ears here!

I was planning on picking the popcorn today, but it rained most of the afternoon.  Monday looks to be drier so I will pick then.

The night temperatures have been cooler lately, but the days have been warm.  Those warm daytime temperatures have enough for the peppers to continue to grow and flower.

Some yummy looking peppers.

I need to get into the herb garden to harvest.  The parsley has been very productive.

Lots of parsley to dry.

I will harvest this parsley and hang it to dry.  It will make nice additions to soups and stews this Winter.

The crops I planted in early September are doing well.  I am particularly excited by the progress of the peas.  They appear to be less affected by insects and their color is very good.

Young pea plants

We have had consistent rain since they were planted.  The Spring peas did not have as consistent rain and had much more heat.  I think the Fall peas will be a better product than the Spring peas, as long as conditions remain about the same.

Before the rain started this afternoon I was able pick some raspberries.  There was about three-quarters of pint of yellow raspberries and a few red raspberries.

Yummy berries.

Fall red raspberries are quickly becoming my favorite.  The berries are good sized and they taste delicious.  The cooler temperature must change the taste of the fruit.

The wildflower garden has been so much fun this Summer.  I feel like it changes every week.  This week the cosmos are blooming.  I appreciate their color among the surrounding Fall colors.

What fun Fall activities are you enjoying?

Enjoy this season, learn from last season, and look forward to next season.



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